Stop Apologizing To Toxic People Like You Are The One In The Wrong

When you are dealing with a toxic person it’s hard not to get dragged into their gameplay.

They are incapable of accepting any wrongdoing. Blaming someone else for their actions is child’s play to them.

They don’t give it a second thought about doing it.

Don’t accept their anger towards you when it’s you that has the right to be angry.

They will do their best to make you out to be the villain when they have messed up. Don’t let them.

You need to stop apologizing to toxic people and see it for what it is, not your fault; it’s them just passing the blame. Twisting things to make them the victim is second nature to toxic people. Stop apologizing to shitty partners because you have done nothing wrong.

When they lie, cheat, scream at you for no reason, don’t let them make everything about you.

It’s not your fault for everything that goes wrong in your relationship. It’s not your fault they’ve had a bad day.

Do not take on board what they say and start blaming yourself.

We’re all responsible for our actions, but toxic people seem to think that is not the case for them.

So stand your ground, don’t take responsibility for their shitty behavior and reckless actions. You owe them no apologies for their actions.

When they try and shift the blame onto you, they say it’s because they love you. This is a lame attempt at shifting the blame onto you.

Don’t accept this kind of behavior, it’s no excuse for being an asshole. If someone cannot contain and be in control of their temper, that’s not your fault!

In healthy and mature relationships, communication is vital. You should be able to talk about issues respectfully and lovingly.

But with a toxic person, as soon as you mention something they did that upset you, bam! Within minutes the whole scenario is turned on you. Your feelings are ridiculed and dismissed; you are put in a position that it should be you apologizing for being upset with them upsetting you.

Do not fall for this behavior and never apologize for your feelings.

Stop settling for shitty relationships where you are in the wrong all the time and stop apologizing to toxic partners.

Whether you believe it or not, you do deserve better.

When they say you will never find someone else or that no one will love you as much as them. Please, do not believe any of this. It’s not true. It’s all part of the game to lower your self-confidence and self-worth.

And hard as it might be to understand, they know exactly what they are doing. They will do anything to make sure you don’t outshine or outgrow them. They are liars, lying flows easily for toxic people.

If you’ve been considering leaving the situation, but they bring out the “old” them from the start of the relationship.

The flattery, the charm, the love, the attention, these are all just ploys.

Please don’t let them trick you; it won’t last for long. Before you know it, you will be back in the same old shitty scenario with them, while your self-esteem is taking a hit all the time. Leave now before any further damage is done to you. Run and don’t look back.