Stop Absorbing Other People's Energy

Stop Absorbing Other People’s Energy

There are many of us who are known as sensitive people. Maybe you are one of them. Are you someone who finds themselves constantly in the position of feeling deeply the emotions of others?

It could be that you have the strong ability to empathize with others and this could impact how you feel and act in their presence.

You need to stop absorbing all that energy, you are not a never-ending vessel to be constantly filled with other people's emotions, you will get to the stage where it won't be good for you.

You need to put down boundaries and keep all that negative energy away from you.

Being a martyr won't make others like you more

It is impossible to please everyone.

Not everyone is going to like you, that's just the nature of the beast.

Don't then try and explain to people why you are the way you are with boundaries, it opens up your soul to them, and makes you vulnerable.

Don't absorb their negativity to get them to like you, that's no good for you.

Besides you don't need their damn approval, you're awesome and just because you refuse to tolerate their bullshit doesn't make you bad.

Start selecting the people you invite in your company

Review who you spend time with, if they drain you, get rid of them.

Positive energy attracts negative energy, keep that in mind.

If their vibe no longer works for you, move on, we don't always stay friends forever, as we evolve friendships change too.

You will find your circle gets smaller, nothing wrong with that, it's because you are finally finding the right tribe for you.

Stop paying attention to negative people

Keeping negative people in your life is extremely damaging to you.

Don't even do the stay in touch at a distance to be polite, break ties, done deal.

Those that feed off us are emotional vampires.

We become their source of energy and once that's depleted, they go elsewhere.

You will find yourself feeling anxious for no reason, depressed and tired. It's not your life that's causing this, it's absorbing theirs.

Get rid of them, how many more times do I have to say it?

Take responsibility for your own feelings

No one can hurt you or touch your soul unless you empower them to do so.

Yeah, I know that sounds all new age speak, but it's true.

Your reaction to someone is within you.

No reaction, then they are not fed.

No anger to feed from.

There is no reason to bottle things up and not express anger, that's not healthy either, but do it on your own terms, not through provocation.

We're not saints after all and buttons get pushed.

Love and respect yourself.

You don't have to fit in.

Be happy being you, don't let anyone dim your shine.