Stepmother Sentenced To 28 Years In Prison For Starving 5-year-old Boy And Locking Him In Closet

He was often given only a slice of bread to eat. But it would get snatched away from him if he took too long to eat it.

A Texas mom faces 28 years in prison for staving her 5-year-old stepson and locking him on a cupboard with no food.

Jordan was forced by his stepmother, Tammi Bleimeyer, to wear diapers and to sleep in what the family called the “Harry Potter Room” at her home outside Houston, Texas.

Tammi was found guilty of negligence and serious bodily injury to a child and was sentenced to nearly three decades in prison.

According to the district attorney’s office, the victim, who’s now in the care of his biological mother, was forced to “sleep beneath the stairs in an unfinished crawl space with exposed nails and wiring. He wore only a diaper and was often given only a slice of bread to eat. And that was snatched away from him if he took too long to eat it.”

Bradley Bleimeyer, the victim’s father, pleaded guilty to the same charges in 2016. He’s now serving the sentence of 15 years in prison.

Two brave siblings, Allison and Cody, rescued their stepbrother, Jordan. They reported the boy’s abuse to the police, which led to the rescue. The siblings also testified against their mother during the trial.

Doctors reported that Jordan, who only weighed 29 pounds at the time of the rescue, had nearly starved to death. They compared his state of malnourishment to a Holocaust survivor.

Recalling their stepbrother’s health state during the rescue, Cody told the Sun:

“His face was all caved in, bruises all over, marks on him. His mouth was foaming. I have never in my life seen anything as bad as that. If we hadn’t got him out that day, I don’t think he would have survived.”

Cody said that he handed Jordan to his sister Allison to comfort him while he called the police.

Allison said:

“It was like I wasn’t holding anything – he was so light – it wasn’t like holding a kid at all. He was so, so white and his cheeks were sunken.”

She also revealed how, before they dared to rescue him, she and Cody would sneak bread to Jordan when their mother wasn’t looking.

And when the parent learned Allison and Cody had reported them to the police, Tammi, six months pregnant at the time, fled, taking Jordan with her. But she was eventually tracked down to a nearby motel on the same day.

The stepmother was sentenced following a 10-day trial, and two of her biological sons testified against her.