Stephenie Meyer Announces New Twilight Book Is Coming This Year

Stephenie Meyer Announces New Twilight Book Is Coming This Year

Twilight fans unite! After years of absorbing all the books, films, and fan fiction we can get, we're actually getting brand new content!

As I'm sure you know, the Twilight saga follows Bella, a pale and lonely teenager who falls for an equally pale and brooding Edward. The series follows the pair as they navigate an inter-species romance. Because of course, Edward is part of a family of ancient vampires.

It's true that Edward has an overwhelming urge to bite Bella, but he also loves her long-time.

The four-part book franchise sold over 100 million copies across the world, in over 50 countries, and in many different languages.

The gothic romance stole the hearts of teenagers across the world and spawned a mega-franchise. Were you Team Edward or Team Jacob all those years ago? We swooned, we gasped, and now we get the whole gothic tale from Edward's perspective. Can you believe it??

Counting Down

stephenie meyer announces new twilight book is coming this year

Twilight author Stephenie Meyer put a countdown timer on her official site earlier this year. Of course, some fans suspected now was the time for a new book, and amazingly, they were right.

The new Twilight book (I still can't believe I'm typing that!) is called Midnight Sun and tells the Twilight saga from vampire Edward's point of view.

Finally, we'll get inside the mysterious mind of Edward Cullen. What did he actually think about Bella's friends? What mysteries lie in his past? And how did he balance his love for, and urge to bite, his human paramour?

For The Fans

stephenie meyer announces new twilight book is coming this year

Meyer spoke to Good Morning America on May 4 about the book, saying:

"I am very excited to finally, finally announce the release of Midnight Sun on Saturday 4th August."

Meyer told the morning show that she wasn't sure this was the right time to release the book, but ultimately that she did it for the fans. She said:

"Some of you have been waiting for just so so long it didn't seem right to make you wait anymore."

Of course, loyal fans have been waiting for Midnight Sun for over a decade! Meyer began writing the next installment in the Twilight saga over ten years ago. Unfortunately, the author stopped in 2008 after 12 chapters were leaked online.

A partial draft of the book exists online, but hardcore Twilight fans never stopped hoping for a finished Midnight Sun. And now, we can get it!

The new Twilight book is available from August 4, 2020. And what better way to put in a few hours during quarantine?