Stay The Hell Away From These 7 Types Of Toxic People!

Stay The Hell Away From These 7 Types Of Toxic People!

We all get told at some point "Stay the hell away from him/her." It's hard to know who is really toxic or if it is just a case that the "teller" simply just doesn't like that person.

We are all different, and toxic people are also different from each other, making it harder to spot them.

You will without doubt meet more than one of these toxic people in your life. Run like hell, these people will seriously suck the happiness right out of you.

Here are at least 7 toxic types you'd be advised to stay away from.

1. Drama Queens

Where you find them there is always drama of some kind. There will always be some issues or tragic events going on. Someone has got it in for them, an ex is stalking them, etc. Reality is they have caused the drama, or it is all made up stories in their heads, that when you take a step back and look into what is being told, you find it's all a big fat lie. If you accuse them of loving drama though, they will completely deny it.

2. Gossip Snakes

They love to talk about themselves, the only thing they love more though is to talk about others, and it doesn't matter to them whether it's true or not. They wrap their coils around you and hiss the stories in your ears, then sit back and wait to see the fall out of their cunning lies, the more damaging the impact the more they thrive.

3. Glow Stick People

On the outside, they glow beautiful and bright. They are always talking about themselves and how amazing they are at surviving life. In truth, they are far from successful, their lives are not the perfect TV show they make it out to be, and their biggest fear is being seen for who they really are.

4. Emotional Vampires

These vampires literally suck the life out of you. They need attention and sympathy 24/7, if they don't get it, they suddenly become a victim of a terrible event which will cause people to rally around them, and once the centre of attention, they begin to feed on their victims until everyone around them is exhausted and they then move on to the next supply.

5. Green-Eyed Monsters

Life has always had the green-eyed monsters right back into the early days at school. They are never happy with what they have, they always want more, but more importantly, they always want what you have and will go all out to get it. They are never happy for anyone else's achievements in life, they are just plain mean and jealous of you.

6. Human Storms

A human storm sets out to destroy everything in its path. They create havoc wherever they go, and they certainly don't care who they hurt in the process. Their one and only objective in life are to get what they want and if destroying people's lives along the way achieves this who the hell cares.

7. Life Shifters

These are without a doubt the most dangerous of all the toxic people. They twist everything to fit their own truth. You end up not knowing which way is up and which way is down. They never ever admit if they have done something wrong, they will blame you, and when you become distressed that the truth isn't being heard, they tell you to calm down!