Stay The Hell Away From Me! 7 Types Of People Who Totally Deserve These Words

Stay The Hell Away From Me! 7 Types Of People Who Totally Deserve These Words

When you look at someone, what do you really see? That smartly dressed and charming fella everybody seems to shower with attention might be an abusive and controlling husband.

Come on! You know this happens. It's hard to imagine, but it happens

People have so many layers, and it's not always obvious if you are dealing with a decent human being or another toxic jerk.


Behind that welcoming non-threatening smile, you might discover the most toxic person you have ever met.

So, make sure you aren't mixed up with any of these noxious folks. Otherwise, you won't believe the showers of pain and suffering they will bring into your life.

Here. Check this list of toxic people you should avoid at all costs if you ever want to enjoy peace and joy in this life.


1. Gossipers

They might seem pretty harmless. After all, you can just sit there as they run their mouths and then move on with your life. But you should not miss the bigger picture. These people will also spread disparaging rumors about you.

So, don't be surprised to see your mutual friends giving you awkward looks the next time they meet you if you entertain this toxic class of people.


2. Fakers

These people are their own biggest fans. They could talk about themselves for ages and to anyone willing to listen. But why avoid them? Because deep down, they are terrible people.

They will make sure the world sees how good and accomplished they are. But inside, they are full of toxic feelings that can easily rub off on you if you keep them around.


3. Truth Benders

These people can twist the truth until it becomes unrecognizable. Of all the people to avoid, these truly deserve a place at the top of your list.

Whenever something goes wrong, they blame someone else. They ruthlessly play with other people's emotions and feel no shred of guilt for it. Don't keep these people around unless you want to end up in therapy or a madhouse.


4. Drama Magnets

Whenever you see this person, you know some dramatic incident is on its way. These people cannot find joy in peace like the rest of us.

They have to do whatever it takes to have some excitement around them, even if it means tearing down other people. And it's never their fault. Things just get out of hand.

5. Green-Eyed Monsters

Nothing will ever satisfy these people. What someone else has is always better than what they have. That also means they will never be happy for you. Why would they when they feel bad that you have something they don't? Horrible people!


6. Emotional Vampires

Who are these, you ask? Have you ever met someone who always needs help? These people are always victims, and they always need sympathy and comfort, even if it means making boldfaced lies to get it.

You have to keep feeling bad for them when they are around, and that will suck all the life and happiness out of you.


7. Human Tanks

Ever seen a tank do its thing? It runs through walls, trees, and everything in its path. Human tanks have a similar trait. Wherever they go, there will be destruction, pain, and suffering.

They don't bother about the damage they are causing. So, get out of their way unless you want your life turned into a mess. They will destroy your life and move on to their next victim without a shred of remorse.


If you have met none of these types of people, brace yourself. It might happen one day. But when that day comes, don't hesitate–get away as soon as you can. Don't look back or give it a second thought. Just get the hell away as fast as humanly possible.