Stay Single Until You Meet The Person Who Does These Things

None of us are perfect, that's for sure. And we will never find the perfect person. But that's not to say there should not be standards when it comes to choosing someone to be in a relationship with. As a matter of fact, settling for less than you deserve as far as relationships go should never be an option.

It is far better to remain single than to be with someone who stresses you, makes you unhappy, or otherwise makes your life worse. At the end of the day, there is a right person for you out there, and he is worth waiting for.

Your imperfections should not make you settle for anyone unworthy. But as imperfect as we are, we should still make each other better. Everyone is deserving of love and respect, especially in the context of a romantic relationship.

Patience is key when waiting for the right person to come along. Some people jump into any chance they get to be in a relationship. But just because such opportunities don't come around every day, you shouldn't jump into a relationship whenever the chance presents itself.

You have to let people who are wrong for you to move along as you wait for the right person. Being desperate is no excuse for enduring a bad relationship. Actually, you should try and remain single until the person you meet finally has some of these qualities.

1. Makes you feel that you want to be a better person.

2. Treats you kindly and respectfully.

3. Makes an effort in the relationship because they are mature enough to know that a good relationship needs effort.

4. Stays by your side, holds your hand and helps you as you go through various issues in life.

5. Is interested in knowing all about you so that they can form a deeper connection with you.

6. Helps you heal wounds from your past relationships when you gave yourself to toxic people who hurt and abused you.

7. Is willing to share their most intimate thoughts with you so that you can know how they feel and where your relationship is headed.

8. Makes you feel safe and secure in the relationship you share.

9. Remains loyal and honest with you and mean it when they say you are their one and only.

10. Works to earn your trust and makes sure not to betray it, knowing how hard it is to repair broken trust.

11. Says they are sorry whenever they do something wrong in full knowledge of the fact that nobody is perfect and that we should keep our egos out of relationships for stronger and lasting connections.

12. Keeps their word and chows through their actions that they follow their promises.

13. Makes you feel special even in a room full of people when they look at you.

14. Is consistent during the relationship so that you don't have to wake up not knowing what to expect.

15. They let you enjoy your moment in the spotlight when it's your chance without letting their ego get in the way.

16. Inspires you to become all you can be in life.