Stay Single Until You Meet The Person Who Accepts Your Anxiety

Stay Single Until You Meet The Person Who Accepts Your Anxiety

Anxiety means going to war every single day. Relationships are hard, but what's even worse is entering them simply to kill the loneliness. Staying single should be your choice until the right one comes and kisses the pain away. At least partly.

Your anxiety doesn't define you, it is part of you and one of your goals at this very moment is to accept it and learn to cope with it. You deserve someone who will understand that you're a sensitive but strong soul and take you unconditionally.

More than that, you deserve a person who will see what's behind those anxiety curtains and cherish you for everything you achieve each day. Choose the one who will make you forget all about your concerns and worries. The one who will turn fears into butterflies.

You deserve someone who will walk through fire for you. Not because you have anxiety, but despite it. Your days are full of battles, and if your partner is with you, the least they can do is be supportive. Be your rock. Don't let just anyone in your heart because you're worth more than that.

Pick a person who will love you, even more when you're having a tough day. Do you know why? Because you are fantastic, you're doing your best, for now, so even on bad days, you get up, do your job, whatever it takes to survive. You're a freaking rock star each day. And when a day sucks, well, that's why your partner should love you even more.

We, as a society, tend to see people with anxiety as the weak ones. Oh, what a joke! Anxious people are sensual, and most of us wouldn't be able to cope with their minds for more than a minute. And some are living with it each moment of every day. Yes, they deserve more than the rest. They deserve the best kind of love – real, mature, and honest.

Let's go back to you and your incredible, anxious mind. Don't give away your heart because you're lonely. You're doing such a good job, so it's time to learn to be alone but not isolated. Here's the thing: you're never alone because your mind is working overtime. Do you really need a partner who will give you more reasons to worry? No, you deserve someone who will take away anxious thoughts and turn them into something productive and creative.

Don't settle, and don't lie to yourself or others. When you do find the one, be honest. They'll know how to love you, and they are ready to help you conquer each day. Because anxiety is like a time out of your mind, like a prison. And you take it day by day while training your brain to cooperate.

As they say, this too shall pass. Once you're no longer as anxious as you're now, you'll be grateful you didn't waste your energy on people who weren't ready to love you. You'll find out that you weren't looking for help or a cure. You wanted an easier way out. A partner, someone to distract you. But a fake relationship would hurt you even more, so it's good that you waited.

Your soulmate is out there. Once you meet them, the world will stop being such a scary place. It will be a mess, and it will make you want to crawl into your bed and Netflix all day. But don't underestimate the power of true love. Your partner will make you want to be better, get better, and that's why you only need to believe that they are on their way.