Stay Single Until You Find A Guy Who Acts Like This

Stay Single Until You Find A Guy Who Acts Like This

We've all experienced at least one bad relationship in our lives. Unfortunately, for most of us, we've had more than just one. It seems impossible to find a good man. But that's because we're settling. We're letting ourselves accept a man that gives us less than we deserve.

We make excuses when he cancels plans to hang out with his friends. If you catch him in a lie, he's got a convenient story for what happened. If he cheats, we forgive and forget. We play second string to anyone and everything.

But you deserve more than just the scraps of his affection. You should want a man that knows how to be content with the attention of one woman instead of a harem. It's time to find a man who knows how to be everything you need. Stay single until you find a guy who acts like this.

The Right Guy Will Act Like This

1. Stop being interested in a man who doesn't make time for you. Instead, wait for a man who makes it a priority to be with you. A real man won't drag his feet about seeing you. He's always finding reasons to get together, rather than having excuses for why you'll have to wait until later. Wait for a boyfriend that takes you along when he's got things to do.

2. Wait for a man who cares about your well-being. Look for the guy who notices you shivering and gives you his jacket or a blanket. Instead of asking you "what are you doing?", he's asking you "How are you feeling today?" or my personal favorite, "Have you ate today?" Pick the guy who takes care of you in small ways that make a big statement about his feelings for you.

3. Pick a man who doesn't mind showing his gentle side. Don't settle until you find a man who isn't afraid to let you see the hidden parts of him that he doesn't show to the world. Whether he's a gentle giant who loves to play with babies or a gruff, loud asshole who secretly has a fondness for flowers and chick flicks, stick with the man who lets you see the secret sides of him.

4. Stay single until you find a guy who inspires you to be a better person. Wait for someone who challenges you to step out of your comfort zone and experience new things in life. You want someone who brings out your best qualities and who makes you live life to the fullest, instead of playing it safe. With this kind of guy at your side, there's nothing you can't achieve.

5. Look for the guy who loves everything about you - including the things you hate. When you've got a good guy, he doesn't care about your flaws. I've said this a million times and I'll probably say it a zillion more. A real man will find perfection in your imperfections. If you've got a guy that can't handle your emotional mood swings, he's not the one you should waste your time on. The perfect guy won't care when you go crazy for a bit. He'll put you in check and wait for you to calm down.

6. Don't give in to a guy unless you feel like an equal in the relationship. There are no gender roles, no assigned parts to fill. He doesn't expect you to do all the cooking and cleaning while he plays video games. You want a partnership. If you cook, he cleans the kitchen. If he's making plans to go somewhere for a guy's weekend, he involves you in the discussion. You're never left in the dark and he always takes your thoughts into consideration.

7. Stop wasting your time with a boyfriend who runs hot and cold. There's nothing wrong with wanting a guy that's a man of his word. If he makes plans with you early in the week, he's not canceling them later on so he can do something else. Wait for a man you know is going to show up when he says and will answer when you call. If he's not willing to put aside everything he's got going on to help you, stay single and wait for the next one.

8. Above all else, be alone until you find a guy who is worthy of your love. If he isn't your dream come true, then keep looking. You need a man that can help you experience real love. He accepts you for who you are, no matter how weird. You can put your trust in him without fear that he's going to screw you over. And no matter what you're going through, the right guy will always make you feel happy.

Ladies, love can be hard. But it's better to be single and happy than it is to be with someone and be miserable. Don't rush into a relationship just so you'll have someone. Wait for the right guy to come along. Trust me, it's worth your patience to finally get to live happily ever after. Good things come to those who wait.