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Starbucks' New Tumbler Has A Gold Crown On Top So You Can Drink Like A Queen

starbucks’ new tumbler has a gold crown on top so you can drink like a queen

Starbucks has quite a collection of tumblers, mugs, glasses, everything to make your place look prettier. But the latest tumbler is fit for royals since it has a crown on top, and we're sold!

The collection kicked off in 2020


As a way to end a miserable year, Starbuck shops in China got their gold crowned tumblers. But they are still not in the States or anywhere else!

Naturally, hunting down this collection made it only more valuable and more desirable. It's quite elegant, mysterious, and we're obsessing over a mermaid-like design that's topped with a gold crown, complete with a straw.

Starbucks has yet to explain when it will be available worldwide and why do we have to wait. You can try eBay, but, don' get disappointed if nothing shows up.


You can always check out your local Starbucks for some fancy additions that will make your teas and pumpkin spice lattes taste even fancier. Sure, they will not be fit for royals, but you take what you can.

Back to The royal gold cup

Don't bother trying to get a hold of the royal gold cup via the official website. It's sold out, despite the price, which is 102 dollars. That's far from cheap, but it's already taking over Instagram, making each one of these more precious.


There are several options, but the ones we crave are white with deep-cut ridges and white with the siren's face. It's so fancy, as it might make you think you're about to have a heart to heart with the Queen.

But... This isn't even the first time Starbucks managed to enchant us with a crown. In 2016, Starbucks Canada released the Gold Crown Siren Tumbler, a white-hot cup with the siren's face covered with a golden crown.


The 16-oz glass tumbler was popular back then, and it's even bigger and brighter five years later!