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Starbucks Has A Pineapple Tumbler That Will Give Your Iced Coffee A Tropical Vibe

It's soon that time of the year when iced beverages are officially in season, though to be fair, they are always a popular choice.

The focus is on iced tea, iced coffee, and any other drink that can be chilled with ice and enjoyed throughout the day.

If you're looking for a stylish, easy-to-clean, eco-friendly tumbler that keeps your drink refreshingly cool until the very last drop, Starbucks' pineapple tumbler is a must-have. It's the perfect accessory for a tropical vibe!

1. It Actually Llooks Like A Pineapple!

Starbucks has gone the extra mile with their pineapple tumbler by creating a bumpy texture on the metal that mimics the feel of a real pineapple. Unlike other cups that settle for a basic yellow and green color scheme, they have taken it a step further by adding a 3D element. It's truly ingenious!

2. It's Part Of The Starbucks Hawai' Collection

The pineapple tumbler, which holds 16 ounces, is just one of many products in Starbucks' Hawai'i collection. The collection also features hot cups with various color combinations, including a unique design with tropical blue and green leaves. Unfortunately, this collection is exclusively available in Hawaii, as its name suggests.

3. Thankfully, You Can Pick This Up Online