Star Of HBO's 'Charm City Kings' Charged With Murdering Partner On New Year's

star of hbo’s ‘charm city kings’ charged with murdering partner on new year’s

Lakeyria Doughty, 26, known as Wheelie Queen, is accused of killing Tiffany Wilson, 33, by stabbing her to death.

Doughty is best known as a star of HBO's Charm City Kings. She's been charged with first and second-degree assault and assault with a deadly weapon.

Baltimore's officers responded to a call from an apartment on Stricker Street. They found Wilson in the kitchen with a stab wound to the chest at 4:15 a.m. on January 1. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Doughty was found "covered in blood near the victim."

This is the first homicide in Baltimore this year. According to the officials' reports, this was a case of "a domestic situation where cooler heads didn't prevail."

Doughty told the police that she found the victim stabbed and called 911. In a statement, she also said that the couple's relationship was solid.

Doughty supposedly gave police permission to check out her text messages with Wilson. They painted "a very disturbing picture. In one, the victim was breaking up with Ms. Doughty and wanted her keys back."

The officials gave a statement which said:

"The victim repeated this comment over and over in the text messaged for Ms. Doughty to leave her alone and to meet the next day to get the key back."

Further, it added:

"Ms. Doughty stated there are other messages on her phone that are not confrontational and paint a different picture of her relationship."

Police added that there were multiple domestic incidents between the couple before the murder.

HBO's drama Charm City Kings premiered in the fall 2020, and it featured Meek Mill and Jahi Di'Allo Winston.