Star Auburn Gymnast Breaks Both Legs In Horror Fall

Friday, April 15, was poised to be a promising day for a senior gymnast, Samantha Cerio, from Alabama’s Auburn University. However, the athlete ended up breaking her legs and dislocating her knees after a nasty fall during NCAA gymnastics regionals.

The accident happened when a botched landing cost her serious injuries. She then fell on to the mat in agony.

At the time the injury happened, her team was done with half of the semi-final. Immediately after the fall, Samantha was in obvious pain, and medical professionals immediately came in to offer assistance.

Her coach admitted that it was not an easy thing to watch. But when he finally got to her, all she told him was to go and assist the girls to win the competition. On their part, her teammates were fully in support of her during her trying moment.

From there, they were competing in her honor so that her effort and unexpected sacrifice for her team would not be in vain.

The coach went on to admit that in the nine years that he had coached the team, he had not witnessed an injury that serious before. He was glad that they had high-quality medical staff at the scene to address Samantha’s injuries.

By the time Samantha left the arena, she had received preliminary medical assistance including Aircasts on both her legs. As she was carted off on a stretcher, she got a standing ovation from the audience, which had gone hush after she had the accident.

Her team was also very supportive of her after the incident, and the hashtag #StickItForSam was already out in her support before the final night of the competition on April 6.

During the final, a senior gymnast, Abby Milliet, told her teammates to use Samantha’s injuries as their “new fire.” She told the gymnasts that although they all wanted to be sad on Samantha’s account, she would have preferred that they put everything into the competition to make the best of it.

The sad news was that Friday was also Samantha’s last day as a gymnast. She announced her retirement on social media.

However, she let her fans know that she was very proud of what gymnastics had turned her into. She did admit that her career did not end as she had anticipated. But she went on to claim that few things ever go as intended.