Standing Desk: This Is Why It Pays To Work Standing Up

Standing desks are becoming increasingly popular. They replace the classic desk at which people work while sitting and open up the possibility of working standing up. Since most people sit too much in their daily lives and at work anyway, standing desks offer the opportunity to reduce sitting time. But in addition to that, standing desks also bring other benefits.

Sitting For Long Periods Harms The Body

Most people sit for a full ten to 14 hours a day. Whether it's at the store, on the train, at dinner, or in front of the TV in the evening. But it has been found that risks for certain diseases occur when you already sit more than six hours a day. With a standing desk, that is, a desk that can also be used while standing, it is possible to replace the hours normally spent sitting at a desk with standing.

Increased Performance

Those who stand while working also benefit from more energy and concentration. Standing keeps the body well supplied with blood and the metabolism active. As a result, you can perform better and work more effectively. It has been shown that people who work while standing are up to ten percent more productive than when working while sitting. This is because those who stand tend to be less distracted, for example, by other websites that have nothing to do with the work itself.

Improving Posture

Standing at a standing desk strengthens the back, abdominal, core, and leg muscles. All of these muscles are important for proper posture and building body tension. In addition, strengthening these muscles can prevent back pain, whereas it can develop rather quickly when sitting.

Increased Calorie Consumption

Someone who works while standing burns significantly more calories than if he or she does the work while sitting. This is because the body can break down fat and sugar only poorly when sitting. Standing, on the other hand, allows the body to better carry out these processes. So calorie consumption can be increased by working at a standing desk.

Better And More Communication With Colleagues

When working at a standing desk, you are more likely to walk to your colleague's desk because you are already standing anyway and you don't have to get up extra. When working at a sitting desk, on the other hand, you're more likely to pick up the phone or send an email to your colleague instead of going by his or her desk in person. So using a standing desk has a positive impact on interaction with and relationships with other employees.

Eating Consciously During The Lunch Break

Another plus of standing desks is that they tend to discourage one from eating at his or her desk because standing is uncomfortable for most people. This can also avoid doing other things on the computer on the side during lunch, such as watching videos. The focus is no longer on the meal itself. Those who use a standing desk may therefore be more likely to go to lunch together with their colleagues and take their meal consciously, which has been proven to be healthier.

So a standing desk has a positive impact on both your own physical and mental health, as well as your relationship and interaction with colleagues. The muscles for healthy posture are strengthened, while calories are burned at the same time. One also works more productively and effectively. The contact with colleagues is also strengthened.