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Stained Glass Plants Are Perfect For People Who Can't Keep The Real Thing Alive

Stained Glass Plants Are Perfect For People Who Can’t Keep The Real Thing Alive

I'm a big lover of plants. They're beautiful, peaceful, and they make me feel a little bit more like a functioning adult.

However, this doesn't necessarily mean that I'm very good at keeping houseplants alive.

I already have two kittens to care for, so my plants often fall down the pecking order. As a surprise to no cat-owner, my kittens like to have a little chew at any plants that manage to survive my mistreatment.


Well, now I've found the perfect solution – stained glass plants! Stained glass greenery is perfect for people like me, as now I won't need to worry about maintaining my sad little house plants' fragile lives.

Low Maintenance

Obviously, beautiful stained glass plants don't require any care at all! There's no need to keep them watered, pruned, or tilted towards a light source.


These little pieces of art are much more lowkey than your living room fern or bedroom succulent. So if you don't exactly have the greenest thumb, these sweet little stained glass masterpieces are the way forward.

Their low maintenance means these little guys are of great value. For real, how much money have you spent on plants that eventually wither away and die? With these, it's impossible! (Just don't drop them.)


There's a great range of stained glass plants online. For example, Etsy seller Jacquie Summer makes succulent rosettes, Michaeline's Designs does violet lotus buds, and Sand and Fire Works have a glass stained cactus and aloe vera plants

Works of Art

As well as looking just like your favorite houseplant, stained glass plants are a work of art.


Whilst some people don't like fake flowers or plants because they don't look real, these stained glass creations aren't pretending to be actual greenery.

Somewhere between plant, a talking point, and coffee table accessory, these stained glass beauties offer so much more than a simple cactus.

Stained glass plants can be displayed anywhere, and aren't limited in terms of light like real plants are.


You could display these gorgeous stained glass plants in your bedroom, on the windowsill, on the coffee table, or a bookshelf. Whatever you choose, stained glass plants are pretty as hell, and you'll want to take lots of pics.

Imagine the sun catching the light on your stained glass plant. The beautiful light patterns will give you more than one work of art in your home.


Stained glass is super pretty, and it lasts forever too.


Stained glass is made by adding metallic salts during the glass-making process. The craft is ancient, and bits of stained glass from the Late Middle Ages are still staying strong! This is great news for our much more modern stained glass plants and us.

These long-lasting, low maintenance, beautiful creations also make great gifts.

Give the gift of flowers or a houseplant without asking someone to care for another living thing. These stained glass plants would be ideal for people with busy lives or with limited mobility.


You could even mix these stained glass plants with real and fake plants, creating unique plant-themed décor in your home.