Stained Clothes Might Just Mean You Have A High Level Of Intelligence

Stained Clothes Might Just Mean You Have A High Level Of Intelligence

Nobody is perfect, and we all make messes from time to time.

But science now claims that if you often find yourself avoiding brightly colored clothes because you might mess them up with stains as you enjoy your meals, then you should stop feeling sorry for yourself. There is absolutely nothing wrong with you, and it is people who don't make messes who might have something to worry about.

Science claims that staining your clothes might actually mean you have a higher level of intelligence.

You are probably at a loss to understand how messy clothes relate to higher intelligence, but you will discover why soon enough.

All along, you probably imagined that stained clothes meant that you were clumsy. But the truth is that messy clothes mean that you use your brain a little differently.

For instance, lifting that cup of coffee to your mouth involves calculations about its weight, how best to hold it, at what speed to move it towards your mouth, and how to avoid spilling the contents on yourself.

But the mind of an intelligent person works differently as it is usually thinking of other things, which is why a spill catches you by surprise and on a more regular basis.

Basically, the brains of intelligent people are quite unorganized. So, you do not make messes because you are clumsy, but because your brain has more important puzzles to untangle besides how to handle your food.

Obviously, getting stains on your clothes can be a little frustrating. You look odd to many people, and doing your laundry will obviously be a little more demanding.

At the back of your mind, you know that you will always be likely to make a mess on your clothing. Sure, it might make you feel like a young kid who will often pour soda and other sorts of foods on their clothes regularly, but it should not get you down.

Your "clumsiness" could be a sign of higher intelligence. That is why you should not frown the next time ketchup gets on your white shirt. Smile and know that your intelligent brain had better things to obsess over besides the process of getting a fry from your plate to your mouth.

So, be proud of making a mess, because it suggests that you are a little more intelligent than an average person. Consequently, a stain on your clothes is something to be proud of now.