Stages Of The Relationship Between A Narcissist And An Empath

Stages Of The Relationship Between A Narcissist And An Empath

A narcissist and an empath are different kinds of people with totally different personalities. Empaths are caring and sensitive to other people's feelings and take other people's emotional experiences like theirs. Narcissists, on the other hand, are self-absorbed and tend to get other people into catering to their selfish desires. Empaths end up in relationships with narcissists unknowingly and here are the stages of their relationship.

1. The narcissist attracts the empath, and they start a relationship. The empath shows a deep and unconditional love while the narcissist has no intention of getting close to the empath or building a strong connection. The empath is happy and satisfied and thinks that the narcissist feels the same.

2. The empath thinks they have met the love of their life. The narcissist designs an illusion that makes the empath feel that they have a special bond. Sometimes the narcissist appears as if they want the relationship but only aims at taking control.

3. With time, the narcissist tries to break the empath's self-esteem by making them feel useless. They never attack directly but make comments that lead the empath into doubting themselves. The empath then feels weak and becomes dependent on the narcissist. At this point, the empath feels they are lucky to have the narcissist.


4. The empath's life revolves around the narcissist who always presents himself as the victim. The empath is always there to take care of the narcissist, and the manipulation continues.

5. The empath has pure intentions and wants to help heal the narcissist's wounds not understanding that their wounds are different from their own. The narcissist is immune to love and love cannot heal their wounds.

6. The relationship starts to be all about the narcissist, their needs, wants, decisions, etc. The empath realizes this but is afraid to confront the narcissist about it. They don't want to be disliked and will, therefore, continue with the relationship at the expense of their happiness.

7. As the empath continues to give love, devotion, affection, and care, the narcissist feels more in control. The empath doesn't see a problem until they reach the breaking point.


8. The empath is emotionally drained and devastated, and this is where they raise their voice and speak up. The narcissist is not happy with the turn of events.

9. The narcissist needs constant attention and is never satisfied no matter how hard the empath tries. They are never happy regardless of the love they receive, and the empath fails to understand this.

10. When the empath finally speaks up, the narcissist is quick to defend themselves by calling the empath crazy, delusional, and over-dramatic. They try to shut the empath down to regain control.

11. The empath starts to blame themselves for the failure of the relationship. They believe that they are useless and not worthy of the narcissist's love.

12. The empath doesn't understand that they are being manipulated again. The narcissist makes the empath feel they are the villain in the relationship. The empath questions their sanity and doesn't see the truth.


13. The narcissist continues to blame the empath whenever they try to vocalize their concerns.

14. The empath thinks that it's normal to feel lost, hurt and defenseless. They try to find themselves again to feel okay.

15. Empaths are healers of society. They can overcome the challenges and also heal those around them if those around are willing.

16. The empath eventually realizes that the narcissist doesn't deserve their love, care, and affection. They understand that not everyone gives genuine love.


17. The empath starts to understand that they are the victims in the relationship.

18. The empath realizes that the narcissist will never change. This awakens them, and they finally put a stop to the relationship.

19. The narcissist continues with life as if nothing happened. They never appreciate the love that they were given.

20. The narcissist moves on and finds a new victim.

21. The empath becomes wiser, stronger, and more cautious.