Squid Game Hints You Missed

Squid Game Hints You Missed

The buzz around Squid Game is not about to end any time soon, and the most devoted fans of the world-famous Korean drama are noticing things everyone might have missed while enjoying the popular show.

If you have already watched the drama, you will be surprised to learn that you did not catch all the details about the story the first time around.

It appears that a lot of people have watched Squid Game, which is based on strange versions of Korean children's games. The show has won fans worldwide, and it is clearly among the most successful Netflix shows ever.

The game was such a hit that SK Broadband, South Korea's broadband provider, decided to file a suit against Netflix due to the massive traffic surge it caused.

People who have already breezed through the nine episodes already aired are currently engrossed in crazy fan theories on TikTok as they eagerly await the show's second season.


All Games Were Apparent From The Very Beginning

Squid Game Hints You Missed

There is no doubt that fans want more of this drama, especially after that fantastic final episode. To fans who were keen enough, the famous finale has numerous clues and hints many people did not initially notice.

One of the hints, which has even been discussed by the drama's art director, explains that you can find out what all the games were since the game began.

Apparently, the player's quarters had pictograms that offered a depiction of each dangerous game. Nevertheless, this clue was not easy to notice until much later, when most bed railings were removed as the player numbers decreased.


Player 001 Is More Special Than Everyone Noticed

Other hints are concerning player 001, and they are pretty incredible.

Oh Il-nam, otherwise known as player 001, was revealed to be the creator of this deadly game. This revelation was made in the season finale.


However, even in the preceding episodes, there were hints that he was behind the whole thing. So, he is not the innocent old man he seems to be.

In a TikTok video, a fan talked about how player 001 turned down an offer to swap a star for an umbrella from player 456. This was apparently because Il-nam knew the umbrella would be much harder than the star, being the creator of the game.

There is another clue about the man's role in creating the game, and it is revealed when undercover policeman, Jun-ho, searches through player archives. After opening the document, it starts with player 002, not 001.

Yet another fan explained that this player seemed particularly conversant with all the games and would even tell fellow players about his favorite games. The elderly player also explained that he played the games often when young.

Squid Game Hints You Missed

At one point, he explained his tips for winning a tug of war to teammates. He designed the whole thing based on games he used to enjoy as a kid.

Another telltale clue is that Il-nam seems to be in a pretty good mood all through. Even when faced with mortal danger, he seems pretty upbeat.

To top it off, his death was off-camera. This was strange, considering that other players were eliminated as everyone watched.

Fans also think there were hints about player 456, also known as Gi-hun, winning the game. He was given a 001-branded jacket by Il-nam to keep other players from looking down on him.

This is apparently a subtle hint that he would end up being number 1. The jacket might also have been a hint to the staff not to get rid of him.

Even if you had already binged on the nine episodes that have already aired, these hints and easter eggs should be all the motivation you need to re-watch the show before the second season begins.