Spring Breaker Dies After Two Men Drug And Rape Her, Use Her Credit Card To 'Party': Police

Spring Breaker Dies After Two Men Drug And Rape Her, Use Her Credit Card To ‘party’: Police

Two men suspected of drugging and raping a young woman are currently in police custody. The woman, Christine Englehardt, was found dead in her hotel room.

Christine is from Pennsylvania, and she died inside Albion Hotel, which is located in Miami Beach.

Police are investigating her death as a homicide.

In connection with the crime, the police have arrested Evoire Collier, 21, and Dorian Taylor, 24. The two suspects are from Greensboro, North Carolina, and they are thought to have been responsible for Christine's death.


Court documents indicate that the two men drugged the woman before raping her in her hotel room.

When the first responders got to her, they found her alone. She was also partially naked.

Christine was also unresponsive. The responders immediately rushed her to the hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

The Incriminating Footage

The authorities were able to find video footage that led to the identification and capture of the two suspects.


According to media reports, Collier was found by the police on Ocean Drive at Eighth Street. He was still wearing the pants he had on when he was captured on the security footage at the Albion Hotel.

After Collier was taken into custody, he claimed that he "met a girl" at the restaurant before walking down Ocean Drive with Taylor. It was then that Collier saw Taylor give Christine a "green pill."


Luis Alsinae, a Miami Beach Detective, claimed during the bond hearing that Collier thought the pill might have been Percocet.

Below is a police handout of Evoire Collier and Dorian Taylor.

spring breaker dies after two men drug & rape her, use her credit card to 'party': police

Collier admitted that he and Taylor had walked into Christine's room together so that the three of them could have sex.

Detective Argued Woman Was In No Position To Offer Consent

Alsinae also explained that the security footage shows Taylor holding Christine from behind to support her because she could not walk straight. That was because she was too intoxicated to walk properly.


The detective also argued that the woman was in no position to give her consent because she was too intoxicated or drugged to do so. In the video footage, Taylor is seen behind Christine holding her around her neck to keep her stable.

She was also staggering a little, which is why the detective believes that she was not sober enough to offer the two men sexual consent.

According to Collier, he had sex with Christine, but so did Taylor. However, he explained that Taylor might have forced himself on the girl at one point after she passed out.


However, according to police reports, the girl was not in a position to agree to any of this since she was "under the influence of alcohol and narcotics."

After the incident, the suspect took Christine's credit card. He went on to use it at "various locations" in Miami Beach.

According to local authorities, the card was used in many places, including liquor stores.

In fact, when the police finally got to Taylor and arrested him, they also found him with Christine's phone. He also had green pills.


The two suspects are facing several charges. They include burglary, sexual battery, theft, and credit card fraud.

Unfortunately for the two, the charges could get more serious once the woman's autopsy and toxicology reports are out.

Judge Denied Bond For The Two Men

The judge presiding over the hearing, Mindy Glazer, explained the seriousness of the things they had done:


"The victim couldn't even pick up the phone to call the police or 9-1-1 after they did what they did to her."

The judge told the suspects they were being "held on some serious charges" and that they had "battered a helpless victim."

Apparently, Collier's sister pleaded with the judge to let her brother go. She argued that he had never been in trouble before the incident.

The sister explained that she was "severely bewildered" by the charges and the accusations leveled against her brother but could still vouch for him because he was a man of good character.


She also promised that he could be responsible enough to stand trial for any charges leveled against him and that the family would do whatever was required of them by Miami-Dade County under the circumstances.

However, the judge did not grant her plea, and so she denied bond to the two suspects given the gravity of the charges facing them. That means they will be sitting in jail as they wait for their next court date.