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Spine-chilling Moment "Ghost Patient Walks Through Hospital Doors" After Dying Day Before

If you're looking for a break from Netflix's latest true-crime release that's been giving you chills, perhaps you could watch a patient who appears to have returned to the hospital they passed away in just a few hours ago.

Take a look at this eerie video here:

Although the spooky season is over, there are still numerous hair-raising moments that can scare the living daylights out of you.

For instance, the CCTV recording from the Finochietto Sanatorium in Buenos Aires appears to capture a security guard welcoming a patient who had passed away the previous day.

The video shows the security guard rising from his seat with a clipboard in hand to welcome a recently arrived patient.

He provides the patient with a wheelchair, engages in conversation with her for some time, escorts her to the lobby, and then cordons off the area once again.

They proceed together to the doctor's section, which seems unremarkable, doesn't it?

However, what makes it strange is that only the security guard is visible in the footage, and the patient he claims to have conversed with had passed away the day before.

At 3:36 am on November 11th, the security guard stated that an elderly woman had arrived and requested to see a doctor. He noted down her name and did not think much of it.

Several hours later, the security guard went to verify the woman's condition and realized that she had not received medical attention.

Consequently, he contacted the medical staff to inquire about the situation and provided the patient's name.

However, in a hair-raising moment that will keep us awake for nights, the medical staff revealed that the woman had, in fact, passed away the day before, making it impossible for her to have entered the hospital.

Quite eerie, isn't it?

Adding to the mystery, the medical center refuted the possibility of a ghost and instead insinuated that the security guard was cooperating with a prank.

"It is the door to one of the entrances that are open after hours, it is the entrance to see the duty doctor.

"As it was broken, it opened by itself 28 times during the 10 hours between Thursday night and Friday early morning."

The center's personnel speculate that the security guard, who was employed by an external company, attended to the "invisible patient" as a practical joke.

The spokesperson said: "There is no entry record of any person at that time. This gentleman pretends to be writing something, but when you go to the registry, no one appears."

However, the spokesperson added: "No one entered and no one was registered either. But everything is under investigation.

"People are born and die every day in this sanatorium, so it is very difficult to relate this episode to any death.

"But it is ruled out, first of all because we do not have the name of the person who supposedly enters, since the man seen in the image did not write anything."