Special Personality Traits Of Typical Loners

Special Personality Traits Of Typical Loners

There are lots of people in this world who like to spend every waking moment with other people, and they hate spending time on their own. However, there are also those that we often refer to as loners – those who love their own company and enjoy the tranquility of spending time on their own rather than with others.

Being a loner is not unhealthy, as it just means that a person enjoys soaking up the peace and quiet on their own rather than the hustle and bustle of always being around others. There are certain special personality traits associated with loners, some of which are outlined below.


What Are the Personality Traits?

While not all loners have the same personality traits, certain ones tend to be common among typical loners. Some of these include:

Valuing Their Own Time and the Time of Others

One thing that loners tend to do is value their own time, which is very important to them. Loners do not like their time to be undervalued by others and do not like it when others fail to respect their time.


Also, loners respect the time of others, and will not do things that may result in someone else's time being wasted. For loners, time is a valuable asset, and even though they may spend a lot of it on their own, they consider time to be very important.

Having Boundaries in Place

Another personality trait that many loners have is the willpower to put firm boundaries in place and to stick to them. For someone who likes to spend a lot of time alone, there may be a lot of pressure to go out and mix with others, but this is something they learn to deal with.


By dealing with situations such as this, loners learn to develop strong boundaries, which means they become very firm and develop excellent willpower. If you cross a boundary, they will let you know and at the same time, they will also respect your boundaries.

Loyalty to Their Inner Circle

Some loners do not become especially close to many people, as they tend not to mix with all that many people outside of work. However, when they do let someone into their inner circle and become close to them, they will always be extremely loyal to them.


While loners are often far more selective about who enters their inner circle, those who do make it can expect to have a friend that will always have their back. So, if you find yourself in the inner circle of a loner, you are not only privileged but can expect lifelong friendship.

Very Focused and Mentally Strong

One thing that many loners develop from spending all that time alone is an excellent focus and mental strength. This means that they become very level-headed and can think things through logically and systematically.


They are very good at developing coping strategies and mechanisms, and they are adept at finding solutions to various problems and issues. So, they make very good people to talk with and get advice from if you have a problem.

Loners Are Not Necessarily Lonely

As these special personality traits of loners show, these are people that may like to spend time alone, but this does not make them lonely. In fact, many loners lead very satisfying and happy lives because they enjoy their own company and do not feel the need or desire to always be around others.