Space In A Relationship – Indifferent

Space In A Relationship – Indifferent

Your partner's request for more space can totally catch you off-guard. And it can really sting to hear your partner say they need more space from you. Because we like to imagine that those we love want us around them as much as we do.

Whatever the case, we all need personal space.

Relationships Have Ended Because The Partners Could Not Give Each Other Enough Space

You should make sure you don't make the same fatal mistake.

Unfortunately, our needs for space differ. But you should count yourselves lucky if you and your partner's need for space match.

When One Partner Needs More Space Than The Other, Things Could Easily Go Wrong

In a young and budding relationship, space is never an issue as you want to spend every waking moment in each other's presence.

Then things settle, and you entertain interests outside the relationship and start wanting time with friends and family apart from your partner.

You pursue hobbies your partner would rather not be part of.

It is then that you realize your partner needs more space than you do, or the vice versa.

The Partner Who Needs Less Space Can Feel Rejected And Resentment Can Build

The situation can also bring about insecurities as one partner wonders why the other person needs so much space from them.

It can appear that the relationship is not fulfilling enough for the space-seeking partner. It can also seem like the love has gone down.

The greater need for space also makes one partner feel like the other partner would rather spend time with other people.

If You Are The Person Who Needs More Space, Make Sure You Explain Yourself

This will clear any misunderstandings. Also keep assuring them you still love them and enjoy spending time with them, and the need for space has nothing to do with how you feel towards them.

Explain that the added need for space is just part of your personality.

Similarly, if you are the person who needs less space, make this clear. Otherwise, your partner might think you are clingy for wanting to spend more time with them.

Explaining Yourselves Can Make You Understand Each Other And Arrive At A Compromise

You can allow your partner more time from you, and they can attempt to spend more time with you or the vice versa.

Also, if you are the partner who needs less space, don't sit around waiting on your partner as they enjoy themselves. Find other things you can do in the meantime.

But ultimately, if your partner's need for space is such a big problem for you, you might have to move on.

Don't let your discordant needs for space make you live in resentment of each other. Everyone needs to have their needs addressed in a relationship, and happily without any hard feelings.