Sorry To Burst Your Bubble, Women ARE Better Drivers!

Sorry To Burst Your Bubble, Women Are Better Drivers!

Who am I kidding? I'm not sorry, but men should really start thinking while driving!

Another survey proved what we already knew: men can't drive!'s study focused on the gender gap when it comes to driving. And here's what they discovered:

Stop drinking and driving!

About 5% of driving offenses men perform is down to driving under the influence, while this estimates for only 1% of women's road crimes.


It's shameful for any gender to drink and drive in 2020, but to have at least 5 percent of males doing it… That isn't very comforting!

Guess who's responsible for more accidents?

Men are twice as likely as women to be found at fault for the incident on the road.

Not surprising, considering that not that long ago, women weren't supposed to drive at all. Guess that fear of being less competent means being more cautious.


They speed more, as well

It must be some macho thing since 24% of all driving offenses are men behind the wheels, speeding.

When it comes to careless driving, men are responsible for 2, while women for 1 percent of the most common offenses.

People should slow down and think more about driving.

The rebels

This one is going to hurt: in 2018, 79% of all convicted driving-related incidents, were men.


It means men outnumbered women four to one when it came to breaking the law on the streets. Yes, we are talking about England and Wales, but other countries are fighting similar numbers as well.

Stop with the jokes and stereotypes: men are better at passing tests, but they are not better drivers. On the contrary, they should go back to driving schools and the basics: don't drink and drive, watch where you're going, and stop driving without insurance.


If you are too manly to go back to school, ask your sister or wife to help you figure this out since driving is no laughing matter!