'Sorry, I'm So Bad At Texting,' Says Friend Who Is Actually Bad At Friendship

‘sorry, I’m So Bad At Texting,’ Says Friend Who Is Actually Bad At Friendship

The other day, a friend who has not managed to text you in a couple of months boldly claimed, "Sorry, I'm so bad at texting." You met each other by accident at a party when she said these words.

Don't buy it. The truth is not that your friend is bad at texting, but that your friend is bad at friendship. So, accept that she is just a bad friend and nothing more.

The friend goes on to say, "I never check my phone." "Hate it!" she adds. Nothing could be further from the truth.


For instance, consider that this friend was able to reach out to you through Instagram to ask if you had seen a funny story about her pet making the rounds on the internet.

It's not that Instagram is the only messaging platform she can use. Another friend related to you how she spent her time with her face buried on her phone when they were out together because she was texting her boyfriend the entire time.


It is not that she fails to understand the importance of good communication. She texts other people back when they reach out, but for some reason, she does not do the same with you.

You have also heard one of her close friends say how she likes real-life interactions with texting and other types of messaging.

While that makes sense, here's the catch — how the hell will you spend one-on-one time with someone if they never answer your texts? How do you make such plans without proper communication?


It is not just you who seems to be having issues with your friend. A few other close friends admit that she does not seem to understand that friendship needs regular communication and having plans to spend time together every once in a while.

However, your friend appears to be genuinely happy to see you after all the time you have spent apart.

She even goes on to excitedly tell you that you should do it more often after enjoying a great night together.


When you took her up on her offer and suggested a date you should meet up and have a good time, she was visibly hesitant. She said, "Let me check my schedule first, and I'll get back to you."

"Of course, we'll make a plan!" "Text me," she said. By now, you should know better. Texting her is not worth the effort. You deserve a better friend.