Sorry, But Your BF Does Not Really Have Your Back Until He Does These 11 Things


Can you truly say that your boyfriend has your back and supports you no matter what? Unless he's doing these 11 things, you might want to consider whether he really wants the best for you.

1. He can deal with your feelings

Pay attention to his reaction when you're upset or having a bad day. If he can't provide emotional support, such as a comforting hug, it could be a sign that he struggles with dealing with emotions or only wants to be around for the good times. If he rushes to your side and supports you when things get tough, he's truly supportive.


2. He's not neutral about your successes

A guy who lacks support may give insincere compliments or downplay your victories, making you feel unimportant. You need a partner who not only comforts you during bad times but also celebrates your successes. Support is crucial in all aspects of a relationship, not just during tough times.


3. He listens to your feelings

A supportive guy will actively listen to your feelings and concerns, even if you're venting about something stressful. If he dismisses your emotions as irrational or constantly criticizes you, he's not the supportive partner you deserve.

4. He's interested in your goals

Your partner should value and show interest in your goals and dreams, as they are integral to who you are. If you find it difficult to discuss your life aspirations with your partner, it may indicate a lack of concern for your future. If your partner doesn't care about your future, how can they envision a future with you?


5. He encourages you to do your thing

A supportive boyfriend will respect your independence, whether it's spending time with your friends or pursuing your career on weekends. He wants the best for you and encourages you to live your life to the fullest, even when he's not around. On the other hand, a clingy boyfriend who demands your constant attention and makes you choose between him and your goals is not truly supportive.


6. He supports you even when he disagrees with you

Disagreements are bound to happen, but a supportive partner won't withdraw their support just because they disagree with your choices. It's important to have a partner who will show their unwavering support, even when they have a different opinion. Any other behavior is unacceptable.


7. He lets you take the spotlight

A supportive boyfriend won't hesitate to let you take center stage, whether you need to vent about a bad day or celebrate a major achievement. He won't be the type to compete for attention or become sulky when the focus isn't on him.

8. He puts your feelings above his

It's easy to compromise on small things like movie preferences, but a truly supportive partner is willing to put their own feelings aside for what's important to you. For instance, they may not be thrilled about you traveling to another state or country for work, but they will support your decision because they care about your happiness.


9. He doesn't judge you

Having a safe and judgment-free space in your relationship is crucial. It's comforting to know that you can confide in your partner without fear of ridicule or shame. Your relationship should be a place where you can truly be yourself, free from the scrutiny and criticism that exists in the world outside. In your most intimate relationship, you deserve nothing less than acceptance and understanding.


10. He loves your quirks

Your personality traits, even the ones that might make you feel self-conscious, shouldn't be a source of judgment in your relationship. It's important to be with someone who accepts and appreciates you for who you are, even the quirks and idiosyncrasies that make you unique. Rather than trying to change you, a loving partner will cherish all aspects of your personality, including those that you might perceive as flaws.


11. He doesn't mansplain

Mansplaining can be incredibly irritating, and if your boyfriend is a repeat offender, it could be a red flag for lack of support in the relationship. By constantly explaining things to you, he may be communicating a lack of faith in your knowledge and decision-making abilities. This behavior may also be indicative of a critical and unsupportive attitude towards you. Overall, it's a definite negative trait that should be addressed in the relationship.