Sorry But There Is No Room For You In My Heart Anymore

Sorry But There Is No Room For You In My Heart Anymore

Some incidents happen in relationships for a purpose, I believe. They come up to peel off the mask and reveal the truth about the person you're into. That happened to me, and I thank God it did.

So, this one is for you my "former lover." Or should I say the person I thought loved me? Because the truth is that you didn't. All through, you hid behind a kind smile, pretending that I meant a lot to you. I still can't believe how gullible I was to think that you needed me in your life.

I never imagined I could leave and forget you, the person I loved with all my heart. But now I do. And I mean it because I no longer think about you. I don't miss you anymore. You pricked my heart, and I bled. But that was the last time I was going to allow you to do that to me.

Today, I no longer go crazy when I see you. My hands don't shake anymore when your text or call arrives on my phone. I don't crave your caresses or kisses. Not even for a night with you. In short, there's no more love left in my heart for you.

Yes, we were once happy- or to put it more truthfully, you were. All along I believed that you cared for me. That you couldn't bear to see me suffer and would be my side any time I needed you. But how wrong I was. I guess I loved you too much to see the lies you told.

The day I got hospitalized was when the true you finally showed. All of a sudden, you turned into a busy person- day and night. I became a stranger to you. You couldn't even find a day to visit and sit by my bed even for a minute.

You may not know it, but I cried a lot in that hospital bed. Not from the pain of sickness but for you. How could you be that inhuman? You filled my heart with hatred for you, and I cannot imagine ever loving you again. I now know the type of person you are. You made me realize that I was never the main person in your life.

I finally got out of the hospital. I'm all healed now both from the illness and in my heart. I accepted the situation and moved on- for good. You deserted me when I needed you more than any other time. What pained me the most was that you did not care about how your actions would affect me.

So, stop texting me that you're sorry and want me back. You won't get any reply to them. Stop making the calls, too, because I won't pick them. Your sweet words mean nothing to me now. Not even the great time we had can make me come back into your life.

My heart pained when you abandoned me at the time I was helpless. Don't even apologize. You had the chance to prove your love but instead chose to hurt me. My decision to move on is a firm one, and you will have to accept it. No room for you in my heart anymore, sorry.