Sonya Temnikova Bio, Instagram, And Dating


Sonya Temnikova is a Russian model, blogger, and social media influencer who enjoys the attention of fans on her Instagram account.

Date Of Birth

8 November 1991

Horoscope Sign


Birth Place

Moscow, Russia

Net Worth


Marital Status



5 feet 9 inches (175 cm)


128 pounds (58 kg)



Hair Color


Eye Color


Tattoos And Piercings

She has a huge tattoo on her thigh.

Best Known For

Sonya is famous for posing with luxurious cars in her Instagram photos, which allowed her to feature in several car advertisements.

Plastic Surgeries

Sonya has had plastic surgery to enhance her bosom.

Number Of Instagram Followers (Updated In May 2022)

1.1 million

Who Is Sonya Temnikova Dating?

It is not known if Sonya is currently dating. She earlier claimed that she was saving herself for her future husband.

Sonya Temnikova Boyfriends/Girlfriends

Sonya was reportedly dating Maxim Martsinkevich, whom she met in 2011.

Sonya Temnikova Instagram

Sonya posts pictures about her lifestyle on her Instagram account, including the meals she eats and what she does to unwind. She considers herself an auto blogger because most of her content involves cars.

About Sonya Temnikova

When she was younger, Sonya was always passionate about sports, and she took part in many sporting activities. Even though she was good at sports, she was also doing well in her studies.

She also had an enterprising spirit, so she got involved in network marketing, which gave her confidence and self-sufficiency. She would sell medicines and dietary supplements.

People also started to notice her model looks, and she immediately seized the opportunity to launch her modeling career. She established her social media presence and her beautiful pictures got her enough attention to turn her into a star.

She found ways to enhance her popularity by posing for photos in front of luxury cars in scanty clothing. The move paid off as it helped her get offers to star in commercials promoting car dealerships. Her Instagram popularity also increased.


Her family has been very supportive of her and her modeling career. However, she has not said much about them.

Interesting Facts

Sonya has an Instagram channel called somanyhorses, on which she talks about cars. The channel has 209k subscribers, and her content has already been viewed more than 27 million times.

She also hosts a show called Touch.

Once she starts a family, Sonya wishes to get three kids.

An avid car lover, Sonya owns a Ford Mustang, which she bought in 2016.