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SONIC's Red, White, And Blue Slush Float Is The Perfect July 4th Treat

It's difficult to fathom that summer has officially begun, and July 4th is imminent. Even though this is unlike any other year, and this holiday has its challenges, Independence Day is an opportunity to bask in the sun and relish a BBQ with loved ones. Moreover, it's an excellent occasion to drop by SONIC for their mouthwatering Red, White, & Blue Slush Float, which looks absolutely delightful!

1. If You're Feeling Patriotic, This Is The Way To Indulge

Displaying American flags from your window or blasting the National Anthem is not a prerequisite for expressing your patriotism towards the United States (in fact, that behavior can be problematic). Nevertheless, there's no harm in relishing a delicious themed beverage that can refresh you in the scorching summer heat, is there?

2. Sonic's Red, White, & Blue Slush Float Has A Layer Of Vanilla Ice Cream In It!

As a matter of fact, this beverage is composed of three distinct layers that create a tri-color effect. Firstly, you get a blue layer of SONIC's delectable Blue Raspberry Slush. Next, there's a layer of vanilla soft serve, followed by a topping of Strawberry Real Fruit Slush. The combination sounds absolutely perfect!

3. It's Only Around For A Limited Time, Of Course

Although I believe that the Red, White, & Blue Slush Float would be a fantastic year-long addition to SONIC's menu (or at the very least, during the summer), it's only available for a little over a month in reality. Starting from June 29th, you can order it at your nearby SONIC, and it will be available until August 2nd.

4. If You Really Love It, You Can Even Get Some SONIC Swag

The SONICSwagShop online store will be selling some limited-edition drink floats for $7. However, you'll have to act fast since they're expected to sell out quickly as well. If you sign up for their email list, you'll receive a notification as soon as they're available.