Sonic Employee Apprehended Following Discovery Of A Gram Of Cocaine Within A Customer's Hot Dog


The woman experienced sheer disgust when she took a bite of a hot dog purchased from a renowned fast food establishment, only to find a bag of cocaine inside.

At a Sonic restaurant located in Española, New Mexico, this incident unfolded, leaving the woman unexpectedly encountering an unwanted extra topping in her food.

Following the incident, law enforcement took action and arrested Jeffrey David Salazar, one of the restaurant employees involved.


On Tuesday (May 30), Celine Gonzales became an unwilling participant in this peculiar surprise, as revealed by the police. When she took a bite of her 'Coney' hot dog, she made the startling discovery of a plastic-wrapped substance nestled within it.

Filled with horror, she immediately contacted the police to report the incident.

Upon their arrival, the police conducted a 'field test' which unveiled the shocking truth that the substance was indeed a gram of cocaine.


As per the police report, Gonzales promptly spat out the bag upon biting into it, and she believes that she did not ingest any of the drug.

According to a press release from the Española Police Department, one of the employees at the Sonic Drive-In location was apprehended by the police. The employee is now confronting a felony charge for the possession of a controlled substance.

The restaurant's surveillance cameras captured 54-year-old Jeffrey David Salazar engaging in what appeared to be a hand-to-hand transaction with a female employee in the kitchen, as revealed by reports.


According to the arrest warrant affidavit, following his food preparation in the kitchen, Salazar was observed frantically searching as if he had misplaced something.

During the footage, police observed a distinct shift in Salazar's body language, indicating a sudden realization that he may have misplaced the cocaine.

As stated in the arrest warrant, Salazar allegedly confessed to the police that he had purchased the cocaine in the parking lot of the restaurant.


According to the police, it is claimed that Salazar unintentionally placed the "illegal narcotics" into the Coney hot dog, which is traditionally topped with chili and cheese. After realizing his mistake, he began searching for the misplaced item.

The police expressed their gratitude towards the management of the Sonic Drive-In restaurant for their swift response upon learning about the incident, as documented in their official records.


The Española Police Department acknowledged the prompt assistance of the restaurant's management in their investigation. They swiftly provided the necessary surveillance footage, enabling the police to thoroughly examine the evidence and uncover the truth behind the incident.

Across the United States, there is an extensive network of over 3,500 Sonic Drive-In locations.