Somewhere, Right Now, A Guy Regrets Messing It Up With You

You have seen this narrative before - a girl falls madly in love with a guy, the guy messes up and takes her for granted and the relationship ends.

But after weeks of moping, the girl meets a new guy, and she opens her heart to love once more. Then the ex realizes what a treasure he lost and comes back wanting her back. Except that it will never happen.

Do you think this is cliché, made up, or just the standard storyline behind every other romantic flick? Well, it is not.

As a matter of fact, chances are that there is a guy out there somewhere stewing in regret for ever letting you go.

Here are some reasons why he might be going through this and still pining over you.

1. He Thought You Would Fight For Him

He thought his leaving would have you chasing after him like a helpless puppy, but you didn't. This threw him off balance because you caught his move and did not fall for his manipulative decision to leave. He now realizes he should have known better than to take your love for granted.

2. Jealousy Is Killing Him

Some guys believe that you could never be as happy as you were with them. In their narcissism, they might think themselves the ultimate source of your happiness and the target of all your future dreams, until they are out of the picture and another guy takes their place.

Now they see you happier than they remember, and the fact that you are genuinely over them really hurts them. So, they lose their minds and go into a jealous fit, trying to get you back and interfere with the relationship, which is utterly immature and off-putting.

3. His World Is Falling Apart

When you were together, the guy might have had a palpable social life, hanging out with your friends and family members, and enjoying his life to the fullest. But once you were out of his life, he has nowhere to turn to. He cannot connect with these people as he ruined those relationships when he messed up the relationship he had with you.

4. He Is A Guy

Guys have a harder time getting over breakups. For one, society is not as willing to aid their recovery from heartbreaks of giving voice to their feelings. So, while you will have girlfriends and friends doing all they can to help you heal from a broken heart, he might have nobody to hear him out, even his closest buddies. All this might make him really regret not being with you any longer.

5. He Realizes He Needs You In His Life

It is often said that you never really know what you had until you lose it. This can happen to a guy that thought he could move on after a relationship with you. However, in all he does, and whenever he thinks of the future, he constantly finds himself thinking of you as a central part of his life. He is still in love with you and wants you back, and that makes him very regretful that he messed up the relationship.

Even the most promising romantic relationship may end - that is a sad fact of life. This may have happened to you, but you now realize you are much happier with your new life. However, the guy who wasted his chance with you might be not be doing so well. Above are some reasons he might be regretting not being with you anymore.