Sometimes Strong Friends Needs A Shoulder To Lean On Too

Sometimes Strong Friends Needs A Shoulder To Lean On Too

In life, some people are naturally seen as emotionally stronger than others. This creates a social responsibility upon the emotionally strong to be available for others through thick and thin.

You might be seen as the stronger one; the one who literally breathes life into people and the one who without everything seems dead. Your friends might think that you have got it all figured out and that there is not a single situation you won't be able to handle.

Your friends are heavily reliant on you, and rightly so. What they tend to ignore unknowingly is that it is not at all easy to handle so many things alone without failing to put a foot in the wrong direction. Doing everything with perfection takes a toll on your mental health, and your friends might be underestimating and ignoring this very fact.

What they simply don't get is that you, the strong friend, also need support at some points in life, because as you know, life is not always pleasant. People need to understand that some do not let out their inner feelings. Such people may not readily tell you how they feel and what they need, but it is a fact that every single person on this earth needs a shoulder to lean on.

They might need it a bit more than the average human being because, throughout their lives, they take it all upon themselves. Let me tell you that on the outside, your strong friend might not be showing at all that they need somebody to be there for them, but trust me; they really want it. The problem is that they can't ask for it, but they do need it badly.

As a friend, you should be there for your friends whether they ask for it or not. If the strong friend is playing his part by always being there and doing everything right, then that doesn't mean that you have the license to not play your part as a friend. I would rather think that it means you need to play your part with a lot more motivation and conviction.

My father always used to say that if a friend gives you his beard in your hands then that doesn't mean that you are going to pluck it all out. The simple meaning behind this is that if someone is good to you, you should never try to take them for granted.

Now, my friend, do not think of your strong friend as somebody who has been gifted with these superhuman powers to deal with everything alone and get it all right. Instead, you should be there to make them feel that this world cares about them too. Encourage them and tell them how this world loves people like them and that they are important to many people. You can create a feeling like that around your strong friend, and that will bring a smile to their face instead of that fake one.

We all need somebody that we can rely on. When we rely on them for our own good, then we also need to keep in mind that there is also going to be a time when they will count on us for their own good. That is just a natural process of 'give and take.'