Sometimes It's Not About Finding Love, But About Finding Yourself

Sometimes It’s Not About Finding Love, But About Finding Yourself

Since we were little, every story we read, watched, or listened to always ended in some version of "happily ever after". In a way, this taught us that the princess simply cannot be truly happy without a prince. But I hope you agree with me when I say - sometimes it's not about finding love, but about finding yourself.

What Is Love, Actually?

For us to feel content, love has to be present in our lives. But is it always the traditional romantic type of love?

Is the mother and daughter relationship not love enough? Or a tight bond between two old friends?

We get so stuck on the concept of Prince Charming being the only possible option of being loved, that we start to completely ignore the fact that love has been right here all alone.

Changing the way you look at love, in general, is always refreshing. And it helps you open your eyes just a little wider.

Is Love - All You Need?

Now, take a pause and really think about the significance of a romantic relationship in your life. How much does it define you?

Many of us will agree that no matter how fulfilled our lives are, having someone by your side surely feels nice. But should it be your ultimate goal?

In reality, so many women are terrified of being alone that they end up in toxic, tiring, and unhealthy relationships. Happiness is nowhere near such partnerships and as a result, we get thousands of broken souls.

You Are Already Complete

I'll say it again: you are already complete! Listen to these words and make sure you believe in them because they are true.

Whoever came up with the idea of people being just halves of their real selves? And that they would stay that way unless they find the other half, must have really hated humanity.

There are just so many questions. What if you don't find the other half? Or what if you get emotionally connected to the half that wasn't meant for you?

That sounds bizarre if you really consider the mechanics. Plus, there are so many people who achieve great heights without being a part of a romantic relationship.

By this logic, we can only come to the same conclusion - we are complete from the very start. And whenever something or someone feels as they are completing us, it's just a pleasant bonus.

Find Yourself First

Another fact about being on the constant lookout for your significant other is that we forget to learn who we are as people. The outcome would usually be two people who are lost in life and themselves.

And then they try to fill the void at the expense of their partner.

To really get to know yourself, you have to do the most daring thing in the world - start practicing self-love and self-acceptance.

Once you start treating yourself with kindness, your heart will open to a lot of new ideas and experiences. The plain idea of "finding love no matter what" will seem silly in the least.

True Love

I'm not trying to say you should completely stop your search for love, I'm only saying that sometimes it's not about finding love, but about finding yourself.

After all, only your very true self is capable of finding and connecting with someone sincerely. True people have true love.