Sometimes God Does Not Answer Your Prayer To Protect You

Sometimes God Does Not Answer Your Prayer To Protect You

Get something straight. God does not always give you what you want, but He gives you what you need.

We Are Human, Our Ability To See The Future Is Limited

So, we can pray for things that might completely ruin our lives and not know it. But God knows how things will turn out if He answers such prayers. And so, they go unanswered.

God is simply saving you from your misguided wishes and requests.

The thing you so earnestly prayed for might have brought you a lot of misery and heartache if God answered you.

Sometimes, Your Heart's Desires Can Betray You

If we are being completely honest, I am sure you once desired something so badly but regretted getting it as soon as you had it.

And knowing that you are capable of such mistakes, imagine how many times your prayers would have completely messed up your life.

So, if you feel you have tried as much as possible to get God to do something for you, and it never worked out, it might be time to let it go and thank God.

God has saved your life from several devastating calamities you were wishing upon yourself on countless occasions.

Trust God and his intentions for your life. Trust His timing and His plans over your own. With God, everything will fall into place as it should.

So, if you want things to work out so badly with someone and try all you can to make it happen, but it does not, thank God and move on.

God Has Something Better Prepared For You

Maybe God let you desire the wrong people so you can learn a valuable lesson about the value of goodness.

Consider how you learned to tell the difference between good and bad people. For nearly all of us, we know the difference between them based on experiences we have had with both.

And let's face it, we have a deeper appreciation for good relationships once we know what bad relationships are like.

Sometimes, God puts you through situations you might not like to introduce you to your real self.

He wants you to master patience, know how to love the unlovable, learn how to show kindness, and know what it feels like to experience hardships in life.

God Is Molding You Into The Person You Were Destined To Be

So, when you feel like God is failing you, ask yourself if He is really saving you. That is more likely the case.

And in His profound mysteries, God sometimes makes you feel you are unprotected and in danger. But maybe He is trying to build your character so you have the courage to overcome a greater challenge later in life.

Always remember that God might not always make things easier, but he can make you strong enough to deal with them.

People Will Let You Down And Disappoint You

You might struggle in your attempt to find love and end up feeling empty every time.

Maybe your expectations about what another human being can do for you are the reason God is letting you go through this. He wants you to understand that fairy tale relationships are not real.

That way, when the right person gets into your life, despite all their human flaws, you will appreciate how good God has been to you.