Sometimes, God Breaks You Just So He Could Fix You

You have probably heard this a thousand times – everything happens for a reason. Have you ever actually given this common phrase serious thought?

It's the high time you do because even in the middle of the greatest storm in your life, you can discover something good that came out of the experience.

Think about it? How many times have experiences that you considered hellish made you a better and more successful person? You can probably name more than a couple.

Those people who tell you that there is a bigger purpose to everything you go through are onto something.

Because it's all true - you can lose many small battles, and then end up winning a more important war in your life. Even the seemingly unbearable heartbreak and emotional anguish will eventually turn into a tough, but valuable lesson for you.

Every time you hear this phrase, don't just snort and be on your way.

Understand something. Truer words were never said. The way things play out has a deeply significant meaning that we might not see at that point in time. With time, things become clear, and you will stop wondering why God, with all His endless mercy, allowed disappointing and humiliating situations to come into your life.

You will see that the terrible heartbreak you now vaguely remember saved you from a life of being tied down to someone who would have become a burden to you all your life.

It might be hard to get this because it is natural for humans to want to experience bad situations later rather than sooner.

Take a moment to consider this: why is it that you often undergo very deep sadness before meeting with happiness that makes you wonder what you were so sad about, to begin with?

Everything you go through in life is a test. And ultimately, it is a test of faith. Your power will be tested, and so will your strength and patience.

If something terrible happens, see it as an opportunity to grow, a time to renew yourself and free yourself from all the toxicity in your life.

These difficult moments are precious in that they tell you who really belongs in your life and who doesn't. But the most important thing is to let go of those who have no place in your life.

God does not let your life lie in disarray just to leave you there. He wants you to rise again with greater strength than before. That is why in most cases, going through a difficult situation gets easier with time.

A heartbreak is essentially a test. You get to see your real self. How powerful you are, and what your worth is. It is also an excellent chance to learn from your mistakes.

God would never let you go through anything you cannot get through. Even some of the terrible people you see in your life are simply there to teach you something. They teach you the kind of person you should never become, and the good ones give you ideas on the sort of person you should aspire to be.

At other times, you will learn how to be grateful for everything you have. Similarly, other moments will teach you how to be more appreciative of those who love and care for you.

In some cases, people will teach you respect. At other times, you will learn to take care of your needs. Many times you have to fight and decide what's good for you and what's not.

The scars in your heart and soul are only reminders that you fought and won. God might let you break into a million pieces, but once He builds you up again, you will be stronger than you have ever been.