Someone Who Overthinks - 7 Reasons Intelligent People Have A Hard Time Finding Love

Someone Who Overthinks – 7 Reasons Intelligent People Have A Hard Time Finding Love

Sometimes we have hurdles to overcome when we fall in love. Intelligent people might find themselves overthinking love when they come across it. What if it doesn't last? What if something goes wrong?

Here are seven reasons intelligent people have a hard time finding love:

1. They Have Other Things Going On

Intelligent people might think they want a relationship with another person. However, they mightn't be ready emotionally. Intelligent people often have other priorities.

For example, they could be focused on their ambitions at work. Or they might be pursuing other interests and hobbies. Intelligent people don't always prioritize love. After all, it's not easy to predict!

2. They Have Attractive Brains

Of course, intelligent people can be just as good-looking as anyone else. However, smart people are also extremely attractive due to their powerful brains.

Smart people may prioritize their cleverness over their outward appearance. This means they could be slightly out of touch when it comes to grooming.

However, you can't underestimate the sexiness of a big brain. So don't ignore the inner beauty of intelligent people.

3. They're Content

Because of their intelligence, smart people can pursue a range of activities and interests. This means that looking for love might fall on their list of priorities.

Smart people can find it hard to fall in love simply because they're content with what they have already. They might fill the void of relationships with career ambition or excel in their hobbies.

For many intelligent people, intellectual stimulation is satisfying enough. After all, it's rewarding to pursue your interests.

4. They Need Depth and Genuine Connection

Often, intelligent people don't have the patience for small talk. Discussing superficial topics is boring for them. Think about it. Intelligent people have the capacity to dissect a subject. Why would they want to chatter about unimportant things?

Intelligent people want depth in their connections with others. And they crave sincere relationships where they can be themselves. This means that smart people can get impatient with insincerity.

Intelligent people are looking out for any signs that a potential romantic partner is game-playing. If they think their partner is keeping things shallow, they're out.

5. They Get Straight To the Point

Smart people are generally well-prepared when it comes to arguments. In fact, because of their smartness, they often think they're right.

Imagine how this goes in a relationship context. Intelligent people in relationships can sometimes lack flexibility. After all, they're used to being right and being able to trust their own perspective.

Intelligent people can be blunt. And it can take a lot of effort to make them compromise.

6. They're Complicated

Intelligent people have brains that move at a fast pace. They are fast processors and often have to adapt to the needs of those around them.

Intelligent people have brains that work at a different pace than others. Because of this, they can find it difficult to explain how they feel fully.

People with big brains often try to get people to understand how they experience the world. However, they also find it frustrating always to have to explain their point of view.

7. They're Big Picture Thinkers

Intelligent people usually come up with narratives and conclusions about life. Due to their analytical nature, they tend to come up with life lessons. Sometimes, intelligent people develop their own rules for approaching things.

With all of this focus on the big picture, intelligent people mightn't pick up on the smaller clues right in front of them.

Intelligent people don't always have common sense. This means they don't always get the hint when it comes to things like romantic relationships.

Be patient though, once they learn, their big brains will adapt!