Someone Photoshopped Celebs With Their Younger Self And The Results Are Eerily Believable

someone photoshopped celebs with their younger self and the results are eerily believable

We all have those moments when we wish to turn back time and give our younger selves an excellent pep talk. Though it is not possible yet, this project might give you a push to improving your Photoshop skills.

Ard Gelinck used their free time and captured many beloved celebrities embracing their younger selves into today's versions. The results are stunning, and we are not talking about the looks strictly!

Pierce Brosnan Kept His Charm

This picture of the former James Bond proves that charm never fades.

Young and older Pierce Brosnan are decades apart, yet that sophisticated, elegant gaze, posture, and style are timeless.

Julia Roberts Looks Happier Than Ever

Young Julia Roberts was quite the stunner. However, with time, her beauty grew, matured, and now we don't see only a pretty face.

The Julia we all know and love is a strong, confident, happy woman. Clearly, Roberts gained the confidence she didn't have in her 20s, just like most of us.

Oprah Winfrey Is A Power Player

Oprah rose to fame in the 80s, and today, she is among the most celebrated women in media.

The media mogul was a cutie, but today, she is an icon, a role model to millions, and worth billions.

It is amazing how hard work can turn a sweet-looking lady into a gorgeous and satisfied woman.

Carrie Fisher Is Teaching Her Younger Self

The late actress looks as if she is couching her younger self while on the set of the Star Wars.

On the left is a naive and cute yet unprepared young woman who wasn't ready to become a global icon. However, she managed to overcome her demons and became a strong, inspiring woman.

Princess Leia would be proud of what Carrie Fisher achieved during her lifetime!

Bill Murray Is Forever A Ghostbuster

Bill Murray and his older version are not afraid of ghosts!

The actor started as a comedian, but with age, his career grew, and he proved that he is more than just a guy who can make you laugh.

Murray does look older, but keep in mind that the difference between these photos is over three decades!

Indiana Jones Is Still Hot

There, we said it! Harrison Ford was and still is a gorgeous man, and the artist behind the photos proved that Indiana Jones barely ages.

With time, Jones only matured, looking at his younger self and most likely thinking, "This guy has no idea what he's doing!"

Dolly Parton Is Frozen In Time

Yes, we get it. You could say that Dolly Parton has the best plastic surgeon. And you might be correct, but what we see is an accomplished, fulfilled woman hugging her younger self.

The musician did not change her style much, but she gained more fans, and her star is shining brighter than ever!

Nicole Kidman Cheek To Cheek With Nicole Kidman

The Australian actress is one of the most talented actors of her generation.

Nicole Kidman appears to be giving a supportive hug to her younger self, assuring the red-haired curly beauty that her time to shine will come.

We love how the artist showed us how to embrace our past and see how far we've come.

Clint Eastwood Manages To Look Scarier

Eastwood is 91, and the photo on the left is from his spaghetti western era. Clearly, most of us were not even born at the time this photo was taken.

The older and wiser Eastwood proved that he is way more than eye candy. Of course, he does not look like he is 30 anymore, but he has a timeless charm, and it looks like he is giving his young self some profound life lessons.

David Bowie Is Forever In The Labyrinth

The superstar David Bowie was a master of reinvention. On the right, you have an image from the movie The Labyrinth. On the left is the Bowie we will never forget, who left us in 2016.

In this photo, the Goblin King is annoying the mature and well-respected Bowie, though we are sure that Bowie must have been proud of every character he invented. They were all unique, and we miss him dearly.

Courteney Cox Lost Her Spark

Plastic surgery aside, it looks like Courtney Cox lost the spark in her eyes.

Perhaps the original photo was already over photoshopped, but we wish Courtney's smile and gaze today gave us a sense of maturity and self-worth.

Cox certainly looks stunning, though she should take some self-love lessons from her best friend, Jennifer Aniston.

Michelle Pfeiffer's Glow Up

First, she was Hollywood's sweetheart. With time, people learned that Michelle Pfeiffer is a girl boss, an insanely talented actor with the powers to run the world.

The young Michelle was gorgeous. But the older version in her power suit is sitting, judging us all since we all know that we will never be as cool as she is now.

Richard Gere And His Dad

Ard Gelinck created a fantastic photo that shows Richard Gere as a sex symbol, at his prime, and Richard Gere, a successful actor, father, and husband.

It appears that the young Richard is listening carefully to his wiser, older self, as his older self seems to have it all figured out. Like father and son sharing a bonding moment.

George Clooney Aged Like Fine Wine

One of the celebrities who grew into his looks way later in life is George Clooney.

The young Clooney's outfit, goofy smile, and laid-back approach to life are great, but we fell in love with a wise, serious actor and businessman.

It does help that Clooney and his wife Amal are a power couple, so he finally has it all. Perhaps that is one of the reasons the older Clooney looks so much more relaxed than the younger one.

Jack Nicholson Is Having Fun

A creepy Nicholson from the Shining is comforted by the fun-loving older version of himself, and we love this picture!

It is as if the older Jack is telling his younger self that life should be brighter, funnier, and he doesn't have to impress anyone but himself!

Jim Carrey Found The Perfect Haircut

Carrey's image from Dumb and Dumber is iconic, and Ard Gelinck used this half goofy half creepy smile to freak out the older version of the actor.

The Dumb and Dumber Carrey certainly would do something as inappropriate as disrespecting someone's personal space. And we are sure that his older self would embrace the fun and enjoy the silliness.

Jennifer Aniston Is Always Relying On Herself

Jen Aniston started in a few low-budget movies, and then she became Rachel from Friends.

However, over the past two decades, she managed to become a well-respected actress and overcome personal troubles.

The image shows Jen relying on herself as if she's saying that you have to love yourself first to be loved by others.

On a purely superficial level, Aniston hasn't changed much. In fact, she looks at least ten years younger than her age. It would not surprise us if self-love were her secret weapon.

Brigitte Bardot Looks Different, But She Oozes Elegance

Back in the 60s, Bardot was the most beautiful creature on the planet. Her images from this period are still synonyms for sex appeal, unretouched beauty, and effortless elegance.

Despite her drastic change, which is only natural considering she is approaching her 90th birthday, her curls, that pout, and the whole attitude are still there.

Her style is different, not just because of her age. Brigitte is now more an activist than an actor, and she is dressed for the part.

Tom Hanks Still Wears The Same Pair Of Pants

Forrest Gump grew up to be Mr. Rogers! Tom Hanks is shown in two spectacular roles, and seeing this photo is nothing short of heartwarming.

The beloved and iconic actor changed with time, but his acting skills are sharper than ever.

We love how these two photos merged into one, showing two lookalikes wearing similar outfits and accessories.

Michael J. Fox Is Back To The Future

Michael J. Fox already traveled back in time in Back to The Future, and it appears that he did not lose his appeal or his sense of style.

In his younger version, laid back and supertalented, Michael J. Fox is holding the sunglasses and wondering what the heck happened to the peaceful world from the 80s.

Today, Michael is a fighter in the "late mild" stage of Parkinson's disease. He was only 29 when he was diagnosed, but that did not stop him from becoming a household name.

Looking at these fascinating Photoshopped images, we cannot help but wonder: what would we say to our younger selves?

Do you have any ideas? Would you be more gentle with yourself and enjoy your youth? Perhaps you wouldn't want to change a thing because you are exactly where you wanted to be.