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Someone Has Created White Chocolate Nutella And We Need It Now

Someone Has Created White Chocolate Nutella And We Need It Now

Some absolute genius has just created white chocolate Nutella, and we've never wanted anything more.

Everyone's favorite chocolate spread, Nutella, has been around since the '60s. And the treat has proven so popular over the years that it even has its own special day.'

Well, if you didn't know, every year on Feb 5, it's World Nutella Day. Mark your calendars.

This proves there's really nothing better than heading down to the store and getting your hands on a jar of hazelnut goodness.

But recently, someone created a new mouth-watering version of the treat, and yes, everyone wants to try it.

someone has created white chocolate nutella and we need it now

In fact, just seeing this jar and reading the spread's description has given me cravings I didn't even know I had.

However, despite what the picture suggests, this isn't actually an official Nutella product yet.

So, where did this new Nutella version come from?

Australian snack specialists Bruce Super Convenience received a jar of White Chocolate Nutella from a fellow food reviewer, The Snack Controller.

Bruce then shared a photo of the jar on Instagram, and netizens turned green with envy.

The blogger captioned the snap:

"Let's just take a moment to look at this picture and appreciate this unicorn of a snack."

"@thesnackcontroller [sent me this blessed jar]. And I need to thank his/her/their beautiful soul for creating this thing of beauty and sending me one."

"This jar, with that logo so famous, is found on shelves ALL over the world. But alas, it's always a dark brown color... milk chocolate flavor. "

"This one has a white - slightly golden - color, and even look at the toast in the picture; it has a white spread on it!"

"Ok, I'm going to be bombarded with messages and DM's [sic], so let me answer right now. No, this is not a real product, and no, you cannot buy your body's weight of this product!"

Bruce also gave us an insight into what this "unicorn of a snack" tastes like: It's like a spreadable Kinder!

He explained:

"The spread smells like a Kinder dream, and it tastes even better..."

"It has the familiarity of a Kinder product, with a strong hazelnut influence, and creamy white-milk-chocolate..."

And people are excited to try the new white chocolate Nutella.

Replying to Bruce's post, one person said:

"My brain can't handle, but it's beautiful [sic]."

While another added:

"This is a dream come true."