Someday You'll Meet A Guy Who'll Put Effort Into Loving You

Someday You’ll Meet A Guy Who’ll Put Effort Into Loving You

Real love is patient, and you should be too. There are no quick fixes, no instant relationships. But, if you wait for a little bit longer, you'll meet a guy who will put all his efforts into loving you, making you his top priority.

You would think that your every effort should pay off, but love's a tricky thing. You can be an almost perfect partner, but if his heart isn't in it, everything you do simply isn't enough. That's why it's necessary that if you're with a guy who is not ready to pull up his sleeves and be in the relationship as much as you are, you recognize that your love isn't real.


If it makes it any easier for you, it's like a bad investment, and yes, it happens to pretty much everyone.

Recognize the signs sooner rather than later

You're in love, and everything seems to be going great. But, every now and then, you should stop and reflect on how much you gave to your guy. And what you got in return.


Love's a balancing act, among other things, so if you're the only one pulling all the weight, you deserve better.

You can't force someone to change or to treat you better. And you certainly can't make some put more effort, more attention to you and what you have. Your heart will be broken, but at least you'll know that there's always a way to tell if your relationship is real love.


He doesn't care, but neither will you

He's not talking, really communicating with you. And you're not involved in his plans. That's okay; maybe he is an emotional wreck. Or perhaps he can't love you. Either way, this isn't about him. The ultimate choice, your happiness, and your life are not his responsibility.


Maybe he never cared, but so what? You deserve more than to be someone's second best. You deserve to be someone's muse. And that's how you know that you will be fine without him.

Moving on, but where to?

Instead of running around and trying to find a new guy, maybe you should put that same effort into making yourself happy. No, you won't stay single, and your love life will get back on track. In fact, it will be better than ever, because you'll meet someone who will make efforts look effortless.


You're growing to become a better, more confident person. And the more time you spend investing in your growth, the more your self-value grows. And that's how you attract a guy who will have no problem placing you on a pedestal, even if it's not for good.

A relationship is a two-way street

Remember the pain you felt, but don't be afraid to give your heart to someone else. You're not the same insecure person, and now you know that you are good enough to start dating a mature, responsible, loving person. Everything else is simply a waste of your time and energy.


Even if you're crazy about a guy, your instincts will help you understand his true intentions. At first, you'll be making excuses. But, at some point, you'll have enough. And that's the moment when you're taking your life into your own hands.

That's when you realize that the right guy will come along and make it his duty to be the best partner you need. His efforts will match yours, which is a secret formula for a lasting, caring relationship.