Some Say That A Finer Dog Video Had Never Been Made, What Do You Think?

Some Say That A Finer Dog Video Had Never Been Made. What Do You Think?

Whether we are looking for something to pass the time or simply love the looks of cute animals, great dog videos never fail to capture our interest.

Man's best friend has a lot to offer, and we can easily relate to their expressive personalities. Among the thousands of viral dog videos out there, sometimes you stumble upon one that is something out of the ordinary.

In this dog video, which has become an internet sensation, you can follow a conversation between the owner and his dog.

Watching the video one time is not enough because of how entertaining and on-point it is. The conversation matches the dog's expressions so well that it is almost unbelievable.

"Is the dog an actor?" you might ask yourself. The video has been called the best dog video ever made.

The German shepherd dog, the star in the video, is listening closely to the owner's description of what they have in the refrigerator.

The owner is teasing his dog with all the delicious food he sees. However, it all gets eaten by the owner or the cat. The dog's reaction to finding out the food is all gone is priceless.

The video with the caption Ultimate Dog Tease was uploaded in 2011 and is still circulating on social media. It has now reached over 206 million views!

"I'm sorry, but this will forever be the best video on the internet," one commenter thought.

"It's been 10 years, and I still come back for this every once in a while," another agreed.

The video creator Talking Animals has brought us many similar entertaining videos. Even if the channel has not been active for the past years, we can still rewatch all our favorites.

Here is the beloved dog video: