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Some Psycho Invented Salad Lasagna And It Looks Awful

There are countless ways to make messed up dishes out there. This starts with sugar-free candy dentists give you as a kid, awful gas-station seafood, and other despicable meals worth forgetting. As if the list was not long enough already, someone has decided to add salad lasagna to the sickening collection.

In his defense, he had the best intentions when he came up with the dish. But then again, the last time I checked, it was said that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.


And hellish was the dish he prepared.

When he was taken aside and grilled about his questionable food preparation decisions, Dick Chmeller, a UK engineer, said that he thought of making the meal to a vegan friend of his wife.

He could have gone with many proven vegan delicacies, but he chose to invent a meal of his own. What he prepared was disastrous.

Even by looking at it, you can tell that the dish is not worth a bite.


He missed out on everything there is to know about salad or lasagna.

For starters, salads are light and fresh, and also cool. On the other hand, lasagna is hot and heavy.

Both are incredible, but a combination of the two is sure to be an awful creation, and Dick achieved just that.

Thoughtfully, he did not bake the salad lasagna, which would have made it so much worse. But this is still a salad in lasagna form.


Lasagna has to have a distinctive look and texture, and salad has its own unique appeal as well. But this dish offers none of the two. At best, this is a perfectly good way to ruin a nice dinner. It fails all across the board.