Some Girls Can Really Hold Their Liquor… Others Don't Even Come Close (18 GIFs)

Let's remember these girls and how they handled their liquor. Some were champs, and many of them gave it a good shot. However, a few of them did not even come close.

1. No Explanation Is Necessary

2. Turning Drinking Into An Extreme Sport

3. Special Performace

4. Hold My Beer

5. Oops! That Didn't Go As Planned

6. Drunken Decision Gone Wrong

7. I'll Have One Beer Only

8. Drunken Stunt Gone Hilariously Wrong

Beer is a favorite beverage for many people, and people never run out of new and interesting ways to enjoy it.

9. Special Drinking Skills

10. Which Is Tougher: Head Or Beer?

11. A Very Relatable Situation

12. This Takes A Little Practice

13. Oops!

14. Someone Better Call Her A Cab

15. A Little Trick

16. Can Openers And Teeth Are Exactly The Same

17. Drunk, Down, But Still Happy

People will try anything as long as they are drunk enough. It is certainly not very healthy but it will certainly help create some of the most hilarious situations we can all laugh at now.

So, which of these drunken antics did you like the best?