Some Girls Are Made Of Sugar, But Women With These 15 Qualities Are Strong And Tough As Well

Some Girls Are Made Of Sugar, But Women With These 15 Qualities Are Strong And Tough As Well

We won't deny it, some girls are pure sugar. But some are made of much tougher stuff. These strong women have no problem expressing themselves and their needs.

They also don't always fit the stereotypical gender roles of niceness and have no problem asserting themselves.

You might think they are bossy, but they can also be sensitive and thoughtful. So yes, women are forever complex, however tough they get.

You will also notice the following qualities in strong women.

1. They Are Full Of Confidence

Strong women have high self-esteem and know what they want out of life. They have no problem being who they are.

2. They Have Enough Friends

A need to make new friends does not overwhelm a strong woman, she has plenty of good friends already.

3. They Defend Others And Themselves

Strong women don't let injustice go without them saying something. So, when something unfair is done against them, they will speak up. And it's not just themselves they defend, but other people as well.

4. They Are Good Planners

Strong women know how to get things done, and that means they are pretty good at planning. They know plans are important for them to reach their goals or targets.

5. Being Single Doesn't Bother Them

Many women have a problem being single, but not strong women. These women know how to be happy on their own, and will only be with men who make them happy.

6. They Have No Problem Making The First Move

When a strong woman realizes that the man she wants is not making the first move, she will do it. They also understand how intimidating they can be to men, which is why they have no problem making the first move.

7. They Have A Tight Circle Of Friends

Although strong women have no problem getting rid of people they no longer need from their lives, they have very close personal friends. They may not have lots of friends, but the few they have are really close to them, which is something we can learn from them.

8. They Celebrate Other Women

Strong women like to help other women get stronger through the encouragement they give them. They have no problem celebrating other women.

9. They Don't Judge

Although strong women will have a problem letting some personality types get too close, they are very accepting and open-minded, as long as you understand how far you can get with them.

10. They Scare Insecure Men

An insecure man cannot stand a strong woman. These women will not tone down their confidence or assertiveness to make anyone feel comfortable about themselves. Only a strong man can stand a strong woman.

11. Poor Planning Ticks Them Off

People who plan poorly piss off strong women, since these ladies know how to schedule things in their lives. They like it when important things are properly planned out.

12. They Appreciate Other Strong Women

Other strong women inspire strong women, and they can better themselves from their influence. Some women only feel jealous.

13. They Are Great Managers

Strong women know how to order their things and keep things going the way they should. They know how to see things through, which makes them great leaders.

14. They Come From Other Strong Women

Strong women come from families with other strong women. So, their traits are coded into their genes. They learn from other strong women in their families.

15. They Are Feminists

Strong women are feminists by nature. They see themselves as deserving of the privileges men usually have, and they have no problem working hard to achieve goals other women might not pursue.

Do you know a strong woman in your life? Chances are that you do. These women are a blessing to the world. They have more to offer the world than most people. So, learn to appreciate, respect, and celebrate the strong women in your life.