Sold! Serial Killer John Wayne Gacy's House Of Terror

Sold! Serial Killer John Wayne Gacy's House Of Terror

John Wayne Gacy's house is infamous as the authorities discovered the remains of 29 men the heartless psychopath had killed in the 70s. The house was put on sale in October 2019, to the shock of many.

That meant that anyone could own the property previously used by John Wayne Gacy to commit gory atrocities.

Notably, the home's crawl space was once filled with human remains from dozens of his victims. After the serial killer's arrest, the authorities found that the crawl space alone had 26 rotting bodies.

Another body was found under the garage floor, and two other bodies were found within the property, bringing the total number of bodies found at John Wayne Gacy's house to 29.

John Wayne Gacy's House Was First Bought In 1994

Just to be clear, John Wayne Gacy's house was torn down in 1979, a year after the killer was arrested for his crimes.

After Gacy was executed in 1994 for his many crimes, the property was acquired by Hoyne Savings & Loan for $30,544. The company paid off pending mortgages by Gacy, his mother, and his two sisters to take possession of John Wayne Gacy's house.

Later, it was bought by Patricia Jendrycki from Hayne Savings & Loan for an undisclosed amount, and construction began. The home she put up, famous as John Wayne Gacy's house, offers 2,500 square feet of space.

Serial Killer John Wayne Gacy's House Now Sold

According to reports, Patricia knew the property's terrifying history and what she was "getting into." The woman built the home there in 1986 and gave it to her aging parents.

In 2004, Patricia sold off the home for $300,000 based on the Cook County Recorder of Deeds. The house was bought by a bank trust, and a few improvements were made to give the property its refreshed, contemporary look.

The revamped property currently features an improved kitchen, a big backyard, and two bathrooms. The new home also features three bedrooms.

It was priced at $459,000 in 2019 when first put on the market. In 2020, it had still not found a buyer and was valued at a little under $424,000.

Why Would Anyone Want To Buy John Wayne Gacy's House?

Serial Killer John Wayne Gacy's House Now Sold

Despite the apparent setback of being owned by a serial killer, the home still offers many perks as a residential property.

For instance, the home offers vaulted ceilings, proximity to public transportation and major expressways, storage space, and six parking spots.

The property is also close to Pennoyer Elementary School.

Therefore, without knowing what happened at the cheerful property the infamous serial killer called home, most people would feel lucky to own it.

However, many people know about the dozens who perished at the hands of the ruthless serial killer there. So, they would be understandably hesitant to buy the property.

Sold! Serial Killer John Wayne Gacy's House Of Terror

Even though the initial house is long gone, and John Gacy is already dead, people still remember the horrific crimes.

For this reason, real estate experts estimated that John Wayne Gacy's house would have to sell at a discount of at least 10% because the land still carries the stigma of the crimes the serial killer committed while living there.

Many of the victims who died there were young made John Wayne Gacy's house even less appealing. Curiously, when the home was initially put on sale in 2019, it was described as a "MUST SEE!" in its property listing.

The New Owner Didn't Know About The Home's Grisly History

Serial Killer John Wayne Gacy's House Now Sold

In Illinois, state law does not require realtors to tell buyers about past crimes that might have taken place in the properties being offered for sale. Therefore, it was possible that the person who bought the property would not know about its dark history.

Nevertheless, the reality is that many people would rather not live in a place that is associated with such horrible crimes. Initial attempts to sell the home were often met with few low-priced offers.

In short, selling John Wayne Gacy's house was an absolute nightmare.

After the home went on sale in 2019, it eventually found a buyer in 2021. It was ultimately bought for $359,000 in April of 2021.

The property's new owner learned of the home's disturbing history after buying it. This was according to the buyer's brother.

This turn of events was not expected to be an issue considering how infamous the property is, given the gruesome murders inside the property over four decades ago.

John Wayne Gacy Left Behind An Unforgettable History

Serial Killer John Wayne Gacy's House Now Sold

John Wayne Gacy had killed at least 33 young men and teenage boys before his arrest in 1978. The crimes took place in Illinois.

Many of the bodies of his victims were found in his house. But he had thrown some of the bodies into the Des Plaines River.

The serial killer would trick his victims into going to his house, where he would murder them. Many of the remains were put in the crawl space.

Gacy leveraged his career as a construction worker to trick unsuspecting young men into getting them into his house by offering them part-time work. Once he was there, he would torture and strangle them to death.

He was finally caught when many teenage boys went to the authorities with claims that he had assaulted them.

In addition to being a rapist, a killer, and a construction worker, John Gacy was also working as "Pogo the Clown" during children's birthday parties.

His role as a serial killer and a rapist served as the inspiration behind numerous horror films. Some people believe that he would dress up in a costume while committing these crimes.

Serial Killer John Wayne Gacy's House Now Sold

After his capture, he readily admitted to his crimes, and the judge handed him a death sentence in 1980. He was executed in 1994 using lethal injection while at the Statesville Correctional Center.

Nevertheless, investigations into his crimes continue today, with two of the victims still labeled John Doe #10 and John Doe #13. There are four other victims whose identities are still unknown.

Even though the improved property was marketed as John Wayne Gacy's house, the address has since changed from 8213 W Summerdale Avenue to 8215. This happened back in 1986, the year the current house was constructed on the site of the serial killer's former home.

As of 2022, John Wayne Gacy's house is estimated to be worth between $500,000 and $590,000, but it is not on the market. Because so many people lost their lives inside the property, many people think the home is haunted by the spirits of the souls that were tortured there.