Social Media Prank Lands Mom In The Hospital

As any mom would agree, a solo visit to Target is a treasured moment. But while shopping at the popular retailer recently, a California mom experienced a shocking chain of events that ended with a trip to the hospital. On Sunday, March 26th, Lana Clay-Monaghan went to the store to buy summer clothes for her eight-month-old twin boys.

With summer around the corner, she was excited to purchase items in twos. As she roamed the aisles, she focused intently on her task. But all of a sudden, an unexpected sensation hit her. "It became instantly dark," she recounts. "I began to scream, but as the object was very near my face, I couldn't breathe properly. I struggled to remove it."

Even though officials verified that the object was a bucket, Clay-Monaghan was so surprised by the sudden assault that she started waving her arms around to escape. She wasn't sure what was happening at the time. She clarified, "I managed to remove the bucket and glanced behind me. There were two guys recording me on their phones and laughing. I tried to speak, but nothing came out."

An Epilepsy Sufferer, Clay Tried To Warn Them

Clay-Monaghan tried to shout, "Help, I have epilepsy," however, she couldn't manage to do so and fell to the ground, hitting her head forcefully. According to the Tustin Police Department's press release, "four male juveniles entered Target around 2:45 p.m. and wandered around before one of them grabbed a bucket and placed it over the head of an adult female shopper."

According to the statement, "the female shopper likely fainted and was taken to a nearby hospital in stable condition, and a police report was filed." "It appears that the juveniles were trying to mimic the current social media craze where they put a bucket on a stranger's head and record their response. There is no immediate threat to the community."

Lately, a social media prank has been trending on platforms like TikTok. It involves people placing items such as a bucket, lampshade, or garbage can on an unsuspecting person's head, often in a store. However, with pranks, especially physical ones, it's hard to predict the outcome, particularly if you're unfamiliar with the person. This prank went from "childish fun" to "an extremely preventable terrible incident" quickly.

In And Out Of Consciousness, The Social Media Prank Victim Was Convinced She Would Die

Clay-Monaghan says she blacked out and only regained partial consciousness while being questioned during the ambulance ride. She was very confused and didn't fully come to her senses until she reached the trauma hospital. She thought to herself, "It's my turn." She guessed there was a shooting because her last memory was of being in a public place.

"When I came to, they told me I was a victim of assault," she continues. "My clothing was sliced off." This 'prank' was distressing in every possible way, and it was heart-wrenching for the mother who had to endure it. She just wanted to shop for cute baby clothes at her beloved store, but this is what happened.

Based on Clay-Monaghan's account, the hospital's blood test revealed an "acute heart problem." The doctor told her she probably had a seizure when she fell, but the heart condition made her lose consciousness. According to a written statement from a Target representative, "The safety of our guests and team members is Target's top priority."

"We sympathize with the victim of this incident and appreciate the efforts of our team members who provided immediate help," the spokesperson added. "We take any form of harassment seriously and are cooperating closely with the Tustin Police Department in their inquiry."