Soccer Club Apologizes For Filling Empty Stadium With Sex Dolls In Place Of Fans

South Korean football club, FC Seoul, apologized for using sex dolls to fill seats during a K League match.

The football club had scattered sex dolls across one of the empty stands at their Seoul World Cup Stadium.

However, the club insisted they were "premium mannequins" rather than sex dolls. But they did admit the 'mannequins' came from a supplier that sells sex toys.

Some of the dolls were dressed in the club's uniform, while others held placards supporting the team.

The 'mannequins,' most of them female, but some male, wore facemasks and were placed according to social distancing guidelines.

soccer club apologizes for filling empty stadium with sex dolls in place of fans

But fans immediately took to social media to raise doubts about the inflatable spectators.

One fan wrote on the club's official Instagram account:

"Just look at their breasts; they were four times the size of normal models."

Another fan posted:

"Seriously, though. Imagine the thought process involved in filling your stadium with female sex dolls in football kits and thinking it's a good idea. Nice one, @FCSeoul."

Following uproar from fans and media, the club issued a statement. They claimed the supplier had told them the dolls weren't "adult products."

soccer club apologizes for filling empty stadium with sex dolls in place of fans

But the club apologized for failing to check the dolls before purchasing.

The statement read:

"We are sincerely sorry for causing deep concern to fans. We have confirmed from the very beginning that they had no connection to sex toys."

"Our intention from the start was to provide even a small entertainment after it was decided that the games would be hosted behind closed doors due to coronavirus."

"Regardless of that, we would like to apologize once again to everyone who loves and supports FC Seoul."

"We will be holding further discussions on how we can review potential problems in similar matters. We will put forth our due diligence to prevent such issues in the future."

The doll maker, Dalcom, didn't comment on the issue.

soccer club apologizes for filling empty stadium with sex dolls in place of fans

This incident will possibly be a setback for the K League, which is enjoying a profile like than ever before. It's one of the only top football leagues active during the pandemic.

The 2020 K League season was to begin in February. But the management delayed the matches due to a coronavirus outbreak.

But South Korea's success in fighting the pandemic has allowed football to resume sooner than almost everywhere else.

Other football leagues that have resumed include the Bundesliga in Germany, but, like South Korea, with no fans present.