So, You Want To Date A Libra? Here's Everything You Should Expect

So, You Want To Date A Libra? Here’s Everything You Should Expect

Perfect balance. That's what you should expect from a Libra. Except for romance. That you can have in all its glory.

A Libra is divine and will treasure your relationship deeply.

We often hear that vulnerability is charming. If that is true - and we are pretty sure it is - then prepare to have the most charming lover ever if you date a Libra.

In case you are not keeping count, that brings the list of admirable Libra lover attributes to two: romance and vulnerability.

But if I may interject here, be careful not to take a Libra lover for granted. That can hurt them deeply. You need to put in the effort. But don't worry, they will do more than their fair share.

Soul Of An Angel, But Very Intelligent Minds

There is no darkness in a Libra's soul.

Hell, they can't even wrap their heads around it. That is why they often see the best in everyone. But make no mistakes about it, a Libra is very intelligent.

If You Want Something Serious, Get A Libra

Everything means something to a Libra. So, make sure you know what you want, or you and your conversations will be a bore to them.

And this is worth repeating: don't ignore a Libra.

Fun-Loving and Vulnerable, But With Very Agile Hearts

They like fun, romance, and an opportunity to show their love.

They like surprises, and they can sometimes get lost in their effervescent make-believe worlds.

A Libra might forget to shop and pay the bills but find time to go on romantic getaways.

They might wear their hearts on their sleeves, but they bounce back pretty fast. The pain doesn't stick. Their souls have no place for sadness, lasting pain, or negativity.

Libras may be goofy, but their love is pure and true.

Indecisive, Laid Back, And Averse to Confrontations

They are amazing partners, but they have their flaws or charming quirks depending on how you see it.

First, Libra is very indecisive. And they hate being pushed. Give them time to decide, but expect lots of procrastination along the way.

They live in the moment. That is why decisions bother Libras because they often force them to take a break from the joy of the moment.

A Libra is a great match for an Aquarius.

Libras are lazy and are notorious for putting things off until they can't be done anymore. They like comfort, social life, and bringing joy to those they care about.

They often wait until most decisions turn into emergencies.

Confrontations are hard for them. As you might recall, balance is what they value most.

Yes, Libras Are Deeply Caring

There is no safer place to be than in a Libra's heart. Seriously. A Libra will tirelessly care for you when you are sick.

But a Libra needs someone light-hearted.

You can get into a deep and mind-alternating conversation with a Libra, but they can end it abruptly and change the subject to something else if it feels more interesting to them.

They can debate for the heck of it, and you can get pissed off by this. Even so, don't pester them. Fun is important for a Libra, and pestering is no fun.

Ending Things With A Libra

When a Libras get into relationships, they go all the way. So, breakups hit them hard, and rock them to the core.

A Libra loves love, and they care deeply for their partners. You cannot love more than a Libra can. That's their superpower.

Their hearts are golden, and you might go back after breaking up.

Libras don't hold grudges like Aquarians. And a Gemini will forget about you. But a Libra will try to hold on and try to make it work. So, if you want to break up with a Libra, be fast and stand your ground.

But understand something. Once they move on from you, don't bother trying to win them over. It can't be done.

Libras heal like Wolverine. They might have no grudges against you, but your chance with them will be gone forever once they move on.