So You Want To Be Trusted? Then Learn To Be Honest

So You Want To Be Trusted? Then Learn To Be Honest

Nature is very fair. Maybe not all the time because imperfections exist, but I can swear the universe is very just. Whatever you plant, you reap. Whatever you give, you get. Almost every time.

You cannot expect trust from people when you are always dishonest. You can get away with the lies for a while, but one day they will come out and the trust you had will be gone.

And the lies always come out, even after years or decades. As you know, it's tough hiding the truth.


Which is why I think we should be concerned.

There are far too many hypocrites walking around, preaching water and drinking wine with impunity.

They have a side they show to the world and the side they hide from it. The real version is what they hide. If they wanted the world to know who they are, there would be a single version of themselves.

We get it, no one puts their whole lives on display for all to see. That's okay. It's normal and even smart.


But there have to be limits.

Using Lies To Create Your Entire Public Image Is Crossing The Line

If you are genuinely authentic, you don't Photoshop yourself in front of luxurious boats, mansions, and cars to make the world think you are living it large when you can't even afford enough to spend a day of fun away from your cramped apartment.


That shows how ashamed you are of your true self.

Feeling like the real you is not worth knowing will inevitably make you dishonest.

That's kinda messed up.

Who are you trying to impress? What reward do you get from having people admire you based on the lies you tell about yourself?

The most dreadful thing is that one day the truth will come out. And everyone who knew you will have no respect for you or have any trust in you.


Even if someday you make it in life and achieve the life you always dreamed of, your reputation would have been ruined for good. People will never believe you came into that kind of fortune legitimately.

Honesty Makes You Feel Vulnerable, But It's Worth Its Weight In Gold

Be honest about your career. Or don't talk about it if you feel that judgmental people will be on your case for the revelation and you don't want to deal with any of that.


Be honest about your love life. What kind of partner do you want? Are you involved with someone right now? Don't lie and appear a sleaze when the truth finally comes out.

Be Open And Avoid Misleading People Through Lies

Lies are walls that imprison you and your chances of reaching your full potential in this world.


If you are struggling in your career, be honest about it and people who really care might find a more rewarding employment opportunity.

If you are hurting, don't hide the pain behind a fake smile while you are falling apart on the inside. All for what? To protect your badass attitude?

It's not worth it.

In this world, nobody has truly found everything they want out of life. So, don't try to convince us otherwise through blatant lies.


Even the richest person on earth has some unfinished business in this world. We all have a reason to wake up and do better than we did yesterday.

So, it's okay to be honest about where you are in life if you really feel a need to tell us about it.

It will get you trust.

And I can promise you this: as you go through life, you will realize just how important trust is. It will open many doors not even education, influence, or money can open after being sealed shut by dishonesty.


Nobody has ever achieved so much in this life that people's trust meant nothing to them. Not even the richest or the most powerful. If anything, such people need trust the most. Look closely.