So, Standing Up For Myself Makes Me A Bitch? Then So Be It!

So, Standing Up For Myself Makes Me A Bitch? Then So Be It!

I stand up for myself, and if that means that I am a bitch, then I am okay with that. Yes, I raise my voice in order to get my rights. Again, if that means I am a bitch, then I have no problem with that. The last thing I will do is stay mum when someone tries to take advantage of me and betray me.

I have no problem getting rid of toxic people from my life. If you cross my boundaries, I will gladly get you out of my life. And no, it's not that I am proud, but because I respect myself. I no longer have time to put up with the bullshit people try to bring into my life. That means you will not catch me settling, I will go after what I deserve.

True, I might come off as a bitch because I give my love and kindness to those worthy of it. If you try to be impolite and disrespectful towards me, then you will get what you deserve. I won't stand there and just take it, or start faking smiles and making you feel good when you have been bad to me.

Sometimes I will be quiet, and you might think it's because I am arrogant. Because I am loud, you might think I am cocky. That is the farthest thing from the truth. If you think I am a bad person, then you clearly don't know the first thing about me. People who judge like that just haven't taken the time to get close enough to know what I am all about.

Even though I might look like I don't care about anyone, know that I have a big heart and I have a deep concern for anyone close to me. Also, beneath this tough exterior lies a soft and kind heart that can easily get hurt. That is why I have to be so particular about who I let into my life.

That is not a side of me everyone sees, and there is nothing wrong with that. You have to know me and to prove that you really care to see the loving and kind side of me. You will realize that I am very understanding and open-minded. I can be a friend who can listen to you for hours, and will not judge you on account of your flaws and mistakes.

To some, I am a cold and heartless person, and if you look closely, these are friends or family members who turned out to be toxic influences in my life and I had to cut them off. Don't think they had a single chance with me. Before I had to say it's over between them and me, I had given them plenty of chances. And the only reason I had to say goodbye was that I was getting hurt.

Deep down, I still miss them and love them. It's only that I love myself more. If walking away from situations that bring me pain makes me a bitch, then I am fine with that. I will not wear my heart on my sleeve, not to anyone.

If you must know, the attitude I have is just a defense to keep me safe from hurt. It's not who I am.

Deep within, I am a kindhearted person who desires nothing more than love. Like anyone else out there, I want to give and receive love.