So Now There's Makeup For Your Vagina? WTF?

Nowadays, there are various options available to modify your vaginal area such as applying glitter on it (which is not recommended), decorating it with gems, and even purchasing cosmetics specifically designed for it. Unbelievable, right? Certain makeup companies claim that using their products such as highlighters can enhance the appearance of your intimate area. However, this trend is concerning and unpleasant. Here's what you should be aware of regarding this disturbing trend:


1. Tint and highlight, anyone?

The Scandinavian beauty brand called "Perfect V" focuses on enhancing the appearance of your vagina. Their product line includes tubes that resemble those for facial care, specifically made for your intimate area. Among their products is the "Very V Luminizer," a tinted highlighter used for accentuating your vagina. It sounds bizarre - why should you treat your vaginal area like your cheekbones?


2. You're not radiant enough down there, apparently

According to sources, "vagina highlighters" are meant to be applied to your bikini line to conceal any skin discoloration and achieve an even skin tone. However, this seems unnecessary since such discoloration is not a common issue. It appears that cosmetics companies are now targeting our intimate areas as well, adding yet another unnecessary beauty standard to worry about. It's frustrating.


3. It's confusing af

Initially, there was confusion about whether the Perfect V highlighter was meant to be applied to the vagina, but the company clarified that their products are intended for the bikini line. However, it's important to note that no product should ever be applied directly to the vagina. The "Our Story" section of the Perfect V website acknowledges that the "V" area is beautiful and unique in its own way, much like a signature hairstyle, and suggests that how you style it can be a reflection of current fashion trends. If this area is already "perfect and unique," then why should it need makeup?


4. It's not all good

Although products like Perfect V are designed for the bikini line rather than the vagina, the question remains: are they truly essential? Why must this area be meticulously groomed and styled? It's already uncomfortable enough to shave or wax this sensitive area, so it's essential not to cause any harm to the skin.

5. Don't waste your time and money

It's natural to desire a stunning appearance in a bikini, but is it necessary to focus so much on making your bikini area appear stylish and refined? After all, this area is private and not always on display. Instead of using products loaded with chemicals that can seep into your bloodstream, why not leave it be?


6. Your vagina's perfect as it is

It's recommended to avoid products that claim to enhance the appearance of your private area. The concern is that if you focus too much on how this area looks, you may end up spending a lot of money on unnecessary products, thinking that you need to "beautify" it. However, this area is perfectly fine just the way it is, and there's no need to alter it. So, it's best to leave it alone and avoid these products altogether.


7. These products can be dangerous

If you're already using exfoliators and highlighters on your bikini line, it's easy to fall into the trap of using other unnecessary products such as pubic oils. However, these products can cause irritation to the vagina and are not suitable for use with condoms, which can lead to potential health risks. So, it's crucial not to let such products compromise your health and well-being.


8. You don't need moisturizer

Moisturizers have also become a popular skincare product for vaginas, such as V Magic Feminine lipstick, which resembles regular lip balm but for your labia. However, if you experience dryness and soreness in this area, using products may not be the solution, and it's recommended to seek medical attention as it could be a sign of infection. The notion that the skin in your labia needs moisturizing like the skin on your face and body is ridiculous, considering that the vulva and labia region have distinct characteristics, and the vagina self-lubricates. Therefore, it's unnecessary to use products to hydrate this area.


9. Natural isn't always safe

Many products marketed as makeup for your vagina may use natural ingredients, but that doesn't guarantee their safety. Even organic and natural products can cause irritation by disrupting your vagina's natural pH balance. This can lead to the elimination of healthy bacteria, potentially causing infections.

10. Things can get into your vagina

Although you may not be applying the makeup directly into your vagina, it's possible for it to end up there through transfer from the labia or onto your underwear. This can lead to irritation and even painful urinary tract infections (UTIs) from scented products. The potential risks aren't worth it!


11. Don't buy into the aging hype

Many of us have been tempted by skincare and beauty products that claim to give us a youthful glow, but it's time to draw the line. When it comes to vaginal health, using these types of products can actually create unnecessary issues. This is especially true for products marketed as "genital colorants" like My New Pink Button, which offer four shades to make the vagina appear more youthful and vibrant. This approach is simply gross! Instead of harming our bodies, let's embrace the natural aging process.