Snow White Kiss Sparks Heated Consent Debate On "Good Morning Britain"

Snow White Kiss Sparks Heated Consent Debate On “good Morning Britain”

Good Morning Britain was recently involved in a heated debate over the consent issues raised by Snow White's kiss. This is not the first time this fairy tale kiss has been an issue of contention.

After Disneyland introduced a new scene added to Snow White's Enchanted Wish ride, which featured Prince Charming kissing Snow White as she slept, people are always eager to discuss the consent issue.


An expert, Nichi Hodgson, was on the morning show. She argued that Disney has a moral obligation to conduct its business in an ethical manner.

Nichi cautioned parents that kids were watching what was happening and may fail to realize that the scene can impact them.

More importantly, she emphasized that the company could afford to be ethical as it made billions of money from its films every year. Considering that children constitute a huge portion of their audiences, they should ensure that they promote the right values.


Nichi pointed out that in the original story, there was no kiss:

"Disney invented that kiss."

She, therefore, suggested that Disney change that aspect of the story even though they have the freedom to adjust the story as they saw fit.

Nevertheless, a relationship expert, Emiliana Silvestri, did not completely agree with Nichi.

As far as Emiliana is concerned, parents have a responsibility to teach their children about consent. She pointed out that despite watching Disney films herself, she was never confused about the issue of consent:


"I think [consent teaching] is the responsibility of the parent. It's an important conversation to be having, but it's not Disney we should be looking to that's the cause of this problem."

She pointed that Disney was quite responsive to criticism throughout the years, and this is evident in the way they have always changed their characters.

In short, Emiliana did not think that Disney had a responsibility to change the story due to consent issues because she does not think the kiss has ever brought about any problems.


The Debate Continued Online

This conversation did not just get heated during the show; it spilled online and started a massive Twitter debate.

Online, a lot of people commented on the discussion held on the show. One of the commenters insisted that this is a fairy tale and that claims that it was that serious to the consent debate were nothing but crap:

"If people think this is an issue they are the problem."


Another person wondered if they couldn't have better things to discuss, such as gun violence deaths, poverty, or even racism. This person was shocked all that these people were doing was "freak over a cartoon?"

"Man, that's just sad really."

Obviously, many people don't seem to think that Prince Charming's kiss should be such a huge deal when discussing the issue of consent.

But what do you think? Do you think Disney is in the wrong here?